How to Retrieve Files Lost after Format

Restore Files from Computer after Format

Recover back your data which has been lost due to the usage of “Format” option using Remo Recover!! Designed specifically to deal with your crucial data recovery needs from formatted or corrupt HDD, pen drives, memory cards and other USB drives!! Download it now to konw how it works!!

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You may think of erasing all the files in your hard drive, pen drives or memory cards due to lack of data storage space and start over again to store new files. Without any second thought you would have also used “Format” option due to which all the files in the drive have been deleted. The important data may be needed back from the formatted drive. If formatting has been done without taking proper backup of files stored in that particular drive then, the result of this situation is data loss!!

It might have happened due to your insufficient attention but you can smartly solve this issue and get back all the files which have been lost after using “Format” option using Remo Recover tool. This software will easily retrieve formatted data from internal or external hard drive, pen drive and other external storage devices.

Remo Recover to get back your files erased using “Format” option…

Remo Recover makes it possible to retrieve all files erased using “format” option. The advanced scanning mechanism of Remo Recover scans the entire drive and searches for all the formatted, deleted or lost files. After completing the scanning process, the complete list of recovered files will be shown. You can sort the recovered files based upon their name, file size and date.

Data will be restored with its original file name, file path and directory structure, so that you cane easily acceess any of your recovered files. You can also recover data from the formatted partition even after reinstalling the operating systems. Remo Recover software is compatible to use with both Windows and Mac OS.

Exceptional Features

  • Scans the entire drive and recovers the data which has been deleted or lost from the drive
  • Can even handle inaccessible, corrupted or unbootable partitions and recover back the data
  • Also enables you to restore files from failed partition and partitioning errors easily
  • Supports various data storage devices like hard drives, external HDDs, Pen drives, iPods and various ranges of memory cards like SD, SDHC, SDXC, XD, MMC and CF cards etc.
  • It can identify and recover more than 300 different types of files which includes documents, spreadsheets, ppts, audio, video and image files etc.
  • You can add or edit signatures for the files that are not listed in the recovered results
  • Extremely fast built in “Find” tool can help you to locate and identify the particular file among the recovered results
  • Disk images can be created with this tool if the drive consists of bad sectors. You can then retrieve the data from these images quickly
  • Recovered data can be stored to any external storage devices which includes CD/DVD, Pen drives etc.

Situations of Data Loss

  • Accidental formatting – You might have chosen an important drive for formatting instead of an unwanted one
  • Partitioning Errors – Using unreliable third party partitioning tools to partition the drive may result in file loss
  • External memory device corruption – Sometimes, due to corruption of your external memory cards or pen drives error messages may pop out indicating you to format the device which leaves you no other option but to format it

These are the few scenarios which causes data loss. Regardless of any complex reasons, you can get lost data back which has been erased due to formatting or deletion using simple Remo Recover software. It acts as a complete solution to all your data recovery needs.

General tips to remember

  • Check twice before selecting the appropriate drive which has to be formatted
  • Take regular backup copy of important files stored in the drives
  • Avoid using unreliable third party partitioning tools
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