How to Restore Mac Data after Grey Screen

Encountered the dreaded grey screen of death? Worried about data present in your Mac system? Use Remo Data Recovery software for Mac to safely restore data lost after grey screen! Even files from formatted, corrupted volume, crashed hard drive, etc, will be retrieved by this tool.

You might have observed grey screen on your Mac system when it is starting to boot. This screen will disappear when the booting starts. But, have you been through this situation where grey screen will be displayed for a long time, and the system fails to boot? Quite annoying, isn’t it? Why does this happen, and what about your important data in Mac?

Well, there are many reasons behind Mac grey screen of death. Sometimes, you won’t even get any indication before the appearance of grey screen. Your system just gets stuck, and there will be no noises as such. Some of the causes for Mac grey screen of death are as follows –

  • Improperly installing operating system
  • Invalid memory address
  • Improper installation of a new hardware
  • Incompatibility between a connected hardware and Mac system

The first thing you would be worried about when you encounter Mac grey screen is your important data. Losing crucial files and folders from your Mac system is not something you can afford. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to a problem. And, a quick and easy solution to get back data lost after grey screen is Remo Data Recovery software for Mac.

Remo Recover (Mac) to Retrieve Lost Data after Grey Screen of Death:

Remo Mac Data Recovery software will restore data lost after grey screen, in a safe and quick manner. The tool scans the entire drive to find and recover files from Mac hard disk drive after grey screen of death. Whether it’s your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or any other Mac device, the application will get back data in just few steps.

Guide to Restore Lost Data after Grey Screen on Mac:

  • Disconnect Mac hard disk drive and connect it as a slave to another healthy Mac computer
  • Next, download and install Remo Recover (Mac) software on this system
  • Launch the application. Select Recover Volumes / Drives option from the main screen
  • In the next screen, choose Volume Recovery option
  • The software starts scanning the drive and lists all the available drives / volumes. Select the slave drive and hit on Next tab
  • After scanning is completed, you can view the recovered files using Data View or File Type View option
  • Preview the recovered files and save them

Remo Data Recovery software for Mac also comes in handy to retrieve data erased or missing after OS reinstallation, formatting / reformatting Mac volume, Mac hard drive failure, hdd crash, and so on. The utility allows you to add or edit new signatures for files to assure complete data recovery. The recovered data can also be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, date and file type.

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