Recovering Briefcase Files Made Simple | 2023 Guide

Did you delete or lost your Microsoft Briefcase files? Are you wondering what to do and how to recover Briefcase files? Then worry not! In this article, we have answered your questions, explaining the surest way to recover Briefcase files from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and other versions of Mac with just a few simple clicks.

Written by John Harris / Approved by Praneeth / Updated on August 04, 2023

The briefcase folder in Microsoft Windows is a virtual folder that lets users save multiple files into one single file. The files saved in the Briefcase folder will get synced with those in other folders, removable storage devices, computers, or another network, to make sure the files have all the necessary contents of the original files and folders.

Even though the Briefcase utility has many advantages, it has a few limitations that can cause the user much worry. A few of them include deleting a file from the Briefcase folder results in deleting the associated files. Or Renaming the saved files will lead to the associated file that is saved in another location becoming an orphan.

Irrespective of what happened to your Briefcase files, whether they were deleted accidentally or lost forever.

The next section discusses a professional Briefcase data recovery tool and various manual solutions, such as Recycle Bin, backups, etc., that can help you easily recover deleted files and folders.

How To Recover Briefcase Files on Windows or Mac?

You can try restoring files from the Bin or the Trash folder of your system; if you have taken a backup of Briefcase files and saved it on any external drive, you can also try restoring those backup files; if none of the solutions were able to help you recover deleted or missing Briefcase files, then you can always rely on specialized tools like Remo File Recovery Software.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Briefcase Files from Bin Folder of Your System

When you delete any file or folder from the Windows or Mac system, those files reside in the Bin folder of your system. If you have deleted Briefcase files from your Windows system, I recommend you check the Bin folder of your Windows system, or if you are a Mac user, try finding those files in the Mac Trash folder.

  1. Open your Recycle Bin or Trash folder.
  2. Find the Briefcase files from the list of all deleted files.
  3. Select the Briefcase files you want to recover, right-click, and from the options menu, click on the Restore button or Put Back option.
  4. The Briefcase files residing in the Bin folder will be restored to their original location.

Follow the solutions mentioned in these articles if you have erased files from the Recycle Bin or deleted files from Mac Trash if you are curious to recover files that are deleted from the Bin folder.

Method 2: Restore Briefcase Backup Files from Backup

If you have a backup of Briefcase files and folders, saved them in any external location, such as a storage device. After connecting the drive, you can restore or move those files to your system.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Briefcase Files Using Remo File Recovery Software

Remo File Recovery Software is a specialized Briefcase data recovery tool to help you recover more than 500 types of files that were earlier saved in the Briefcase folder of your Windows or Mac system.

The tool’s advanced scan algorithms dive deeper into the drive and do a sector-by-sector scan to recover Office files, multimedia files, and other files from the deleted Briefcase folder.
Moreover, the tool is compatible with all the newer and older Windows and Mac OS versions. So, download the tool and recover deleted Briefcase files within a few minutes.

Download Now Download Now

How To Recover Deleted Briefcase Files Using Remo File Recovery Software?

Click on the Download button, and install and set up the application on your system.

Step 1: Launch the tool and from the main screen, choose the location where the Briefcase files were saved earlier prior to getting deleted, and click on the Scan button.

launch the tool to recover deleted briefcase files

Step 2: The tool now starts scanning the selected location; once the Quick Scan process is complete, the tools start the Deep Scan process, which starts scanning the drive more thoroughly to recover files.
The Dynamic Recovery View lets you view the Briefcase file recovery tool without waiting until the entire drive scan process.

see a list of recovered briefcase files by clicking on dynamic recovery view

Step 3:The tool will display all the recovered files and folders, including the Briefcase files. Use the search bar or the Advanced Filter view to sort and find the recovered Briefcase files from the selected location.

click on advanced filter and just add file type, file signature or modified data

Step 4: The tool’s Preview option lets you have a quick look at the recovered files to ensure you recover all the necessary files.

select the required briefcase files and preview by double-clicking on the file

Step 5: Select the Briefcase files that you want to restore. Click on the Recover button. You will be prompted to select a location to save the recovered Briefcase files..

save the recovered briefcase file on a storage drive by browsing the storage location and clicking on recover

The deleted Briefcase files have now been safely recovered using the Remo File Recovery Software.

Additionally, Remo can be used to recover deleted files on Windows 10 computers and laptops.

Briefcase uses a technique called Mirroring, which is similar to that of the Robocopy/MIR command. Many Windows users have complained that Robocopy has deleted some of their files. Refer to this article If you are curious to know how to recover files deleted by Robocopy/MIR.

If you are curious to know how other users lose their Briefcase files, then read the next section.

Causes for Briefcase Files Loss

  • There are possibilities that a user may accidentally delete some files from a folder that is synchronized with the briefcase folder. When the user clicks on the Update All option, the files stored in the briefcase folder get erased during synchronization. Such scenarios can cause severe data loss situations in Windows systems if the proper backup of files is not maintained.
  • Another major cause is a virus infection which can lead to the corruption and deletion of briefcase files. If your briefcase folder is infected with harmful viruses or malware, then there are chances that it may delete a few files without user notification. Later if the user updates the folder, the same changes are made in the other folder too. Thus those files are erased from both disks as well as briefcase folders.
  • Hard Disk or system crash of the operating system can also lead to the data of the briefcase files.


  • It is recommended to have frequent backups of crucial files and folders that are stored in the briefcase folder.
  • Users are requested to verify before deleting any files on the briefcase as it may impact synchronized files from other folders or operating systems.
  • It is recommended to have an antivirus installed and protect your valuable files from virus malware.


This article provides various solutions to help Windows or Mac users recover deleted or lost Briefcase files. Recycle Bin folders and backups are some solutions explained in this article. However, if you have permanently deleted Briefcase files, you can use a specialized data recovery tool like Remo. We have also provided you with a few tips to ensure your data is always protected.

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