How to Restore Deleted APK Files

Recover Deleted Files APK

Have you ever found that APK files have got deleted from your Android Smartphone? Android has become associated with life of almost all of us. It is the highly endorsed operating system by Smartphone users because of its applications. These applications are stored with extension .apk & are called as APK files. There are a number of Android applications present to ease out daily works like maintaining daily task sheets on Smartphone & many other such applications. Many of us even rely on these APK files & use some of these APK files to manage our crucial data like our crucial pictures taken on different occasions. But relying completely on them is not at all wise men’s choice because these APK files may get delete due to some or the other reason. A lot of such APK file deletion cases can be noticed among Android users.

Since these deleted APK files are crucial to you as they manage your vital pictures & other files. Thus they need to be brought back by any means. The most convenient way to retrieve deleted APK files is to use Remo Recover for Android utility.

Some of the cases in which APK files may get deleted are mentioned below:

Accidental Delete: Sometimes it happens that you may select "Delete" option for APK files given on your Smartphone which deletes the APK file this means you will lose out the easiness in managing your pictures or some other crucial files which otherwise would have been managed by these deleted APK files.

Third party deletion: Sometimes there are cases like some third party tool may delete your APK files. One of such examples is that many times it happens that when you connect your Smartphone to computer & scan it for viruses using an antivirus program which is a third party tool than the APK files that are found infected will get deleted. Thus you may also lose your important APK files by the action of some third party utility.

There can be several other such cases where APK files get deleted but what mainly matters is that can you be able to bring back these files. This tool enables you to undelete different types of files including captured images on Android such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF & of various types of RAW file types. It is efficient tool in bringing back deleted files from internal as well as external storage of the Android Smartphone. This tool can be used on systems installed with Windows as well as Mac operating systems to get back deleted files from Android Smartphone. It is considered as the most powerful data recovery tool for various brands of Android Smartphone like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Acer, Google Nexus, etc.

Go through how you can use this tool to retrieve deleted APK files:

You can easily download the free demo version of Remo Recover for Android utility & install it on your computer or laptop. Then just connect your Android Smartphone to your computer through USB data cable. Run the utility. Select "Recover Deleted Files" from the main screen. Then select the Android drive from the next screen from which files have been deleted & click on "Next" button. On the next screen you need to select the file types that you want to undelete. A list of obtained files is shown on the next appeared screen. You can take preview of these files by using given "Preview" option. If you are satisfied with results then you can purchase the activation key of the tool & save the regained files at desired location.

A few of the precautions that you should follow from now on:

  • When you want to delete the files from your Android phone to empty some space, ensure that the files being deleted are not important
  • Avoid using phone while its low at battery because using it at low battery may make some of files lost from it
  • Do not disconnect the USB cable of the Android phone when some files is being transferred from the Android phone to your computer because this will interrupt the transfer process & you will lose the files getting transferred

If your important photo files are lost or deleted due to any of the above mentioned scenario, then just follow the given link to recover lost photos from Android.

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