Recover deleted photos from Olympus camera

Updated on January 3, 2020

Have you deleted photos or videos on your Olympus camera? Utilize Remo Photo recovery software to recover deleted photos from Olympus camera in just 5 simple steps. This Olympus camera recovery tool is specialized in recovering more than 300 file formats. Download the software now!!!

Olympus cameras are compact and well renowned all over the world for their image sensors and image quality. These highly detailed images once captured are then saved on the SD cards. This is because the cameras barley has any internal memory.

Being a photographer, out of passion or research/work purposes, accidentally deleted photos can be one of your biggest regrets. This article will help you learn how to recover deleted photos from Olympus digital camera.

It has seen that photos or videos from the Olympus camera get deleted due to many reasons. However, such deleted photos from Olympus camera or its memory card are easily recoverable using Olympus file recovery software.

Is Olympus photo recovery possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can recover lost photos from Olympus camera without any ambiguity. But you need to act fast to retrieve deleted images from Olympus camera as delaying would decrease the chance of Olympus photo recovery.

Note: Until you don’t restore deleted pictures from Olympus camera, it is suggested not to use it as it can lead to overwriting of data.

How Do You Recover Deleted Photos From Olympus Digital Camera?

With the help of Remo Olympus recovery tool which has a user-friendly interface, you can recover deleted or lost photos from different models of Olympus camera like Olympus Tough TG-5, TG-4, TG-6, Olympus OM-D E-M5, Olympus SP-820UZ, Olympus E-M1, etc.

Remo Photo Recovery Software works by implementing advanced algorithms that can recover accidentally deleted or lost photos not only from digital cameras but also from Pen drive, External and Internal hard drive, SSD, Memory card and many more.

The unique benefit of using this Remo Olympus file recovery software is that, after the recovery process completes successfully, you can preview the recovered photos by double-clicking them, which will give you an option whether to save that photo or not based on its importance. This proficient tool can also be used to recover videos From JCV Everio and other camcorders too.

How to Recover Deleted Photo Files From Olympus Camera?

Step1: Download and install Remo Photo Recovery software on your system to recover deleted photos from Olympus camera.

Step2: Now, connect your Olympus camera (or memory card) using a USB cable to your computer system in which you have lost photos.

Step3: From the main screen click "Recover Photos" option and Select Olympus memory card drive in which you lost your photo files for scanning.

Step4: Click "Scan" and wait until the scanning process completes which will display a list of all the recovered photos.

Step5: To Preview recovered photo double click on it and save them in a location of your choice.

Why photos get deleted in Olympus Camera?

  • While using the Olympus camera, users accidentally delete photos by pressing delete option, while just trying to look at their recently captured photos.
  • Without knowing their future importance, a lot of users tend to delete images from their Olympus digital camera that turn out to be crucial later.
  • Interruptions while transferring your photos stored in the memory card of an Olympus camera to the computer system.
  • Formatting memory card of Olympus camera.
  • Capturing photos even though the battery low signal pops up in the display screen of Olympus camera.
  • Corruption of the device.

Recommendations to Avoid Photo Deletion From Olympus Camera:

  • When you lose any photo files from Olympus memory card, stop using it until you recover data from digital camera.
  • Do not abruptly eject Olympus memory card, instead make use of safe removal option.
  • Avoid capturing photos or videos from Olympus camera when the battery is low.
  • Prevent connecting the Olympus camera to any virus infected computer as this can lead to firmware damage or malfunction of the device.


This tool not only performs Olympus Photo recovery but it can also recover deleted photos from Polaroid camera, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Sigma, Pentax, Kodak, Samsung, etc.

This software is available in two builds for Windows and Mac operating systems respectively. To help you save your recovery time, this Olympus photo recovery tool allows you to store the recovery session to avoid rescanning of the files.

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