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"Recently I deleted few photo and video files from SD card accidentally on my Mac system. Those files were captured at a family event and I can't afford to lose them. Even I have not maintained any backup of those deleted files in my Mac system. Is it possible to recover deleted files from SD card on Mac system?"

No need to worry, as you can easily recover deleted files from SD card on Mac OS X installed systems within a few minutes. As you know, SD card is widely used in small electronic devices to store many memorable files like images, videos, audio, RAW picture, etc. Thus, there is a tendency to lose valuable files due to, many common reasons, but most frequent cause is deleting files accidentally or intentionally.

User may connect SD card to Mac system to manage and sort files stored in it. In such cases, there are possibilities that few important files get deleted while, clearing unwanted ones. When files are deleted from SD card connected to system, it will bypass Trash. Thus leading to huge loss of data from SD card on Mac. Other instant, might be intentionally deleting files from SD card when it is full, so that user can store new data in it. In this case, if backup is not maintained then user may encounter severe data loss situation.

Sometimes, user may encounter format error when SD card is connected to Mac System. Format error occurs mainly due to, improper handling of SD card or corruption. This error states that "Disk needs to be formatted". From the displayed option, if user selects "No" option then SD card will be inaccessible or else if "Yes" option is selected then, all files and folders saved in SD card will be erased completely. Thus, results in data loss situation in SD card.

However, such data loss situation can be overcome, by using the most powerful file recovery software that has the ability to recover deleted files due to any type of scenarios.

Why Remo Recover?

Most users believe that once data is erased, then it is lost forever. Technically saying, when deletion of file is performed only pointer to that particular file is destroyed and file is still present in memory area but is invisible to the user. This indicates free space so that new data can be stored. Until and unless new data is stored, data can be recovered using data recovery software. Thus Remo Recover software can be used to recover deleted files from SD card on Mac Operating System.

Remo Recover is the most efficient software with advanced algorithms that will effortlessly recover lost or formatted data from SD Card. It supports recovery of files like RAW images, pictures, video and audio files easily from SD card. Around 300 types of files can be restored keeping the files intact as it works on read only mechanism. Remo Photo Recovery software for Mac has the capability to even recover files from corrupted or re-formatted SD card.

It has user friendly interface and gives step-wise guidance to user thus, ensuring easy and fast recovery process from SD card. This utility can retrieve files from all types of SD cards like Mini SD, Micro SD, Mini SDHC, SDXC and many other types. Not just SD cards, it can be used even to recover files from CF cards, memory cards, XD cards and other USB flash cards easily. Moreover, it has the ability to recover files from all popular brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Lexar and many other brands.This utility can recover deleted or lost files from SD card of camera and camcorder of all brands and models. Along with these features, this software also helps in recovering files from thumb drives.This utility can recover deleted or lost files from SD card of camera and camcorder of all brands and models.

Apart from above mentioned features, this software also helps in retrieving files deleted from external storage drives like hard drives, USB drive, iPod and many more that are detected on Mac Operating System. It is also available in free demo version so that, user can evaluate recovery results before purchasing licensed version.

Advantages of Remo Recover:

  • Recovers files with its original name
  • Ability to identify and recover files on basis of its unique signature
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 File System
  • Retrieved files can be sorted by its name, size and file format
  • Find tool is facilitated so that user can quickly find required file from recovered files list
  • User can view files using Preview option after file recovery process
  • Supports versions of Mac Operating System like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Safety Precautions:

  • Avoid saving files on SD card after experiencing data loss situation in order to, perform complete file recovery process.
  • Never connect SD card to virus infected system.
  • Do keep multiple copies of important files and folders.
  • Avoid abrupt removal of SD card from Mac system when working on it.
  • Avoid connecting SD card in different devices
  • In prior to deletion cross verify, files to be deleted as it will bypass Trash after deletion.
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Safe and Secure
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