Restore Deleted Data from Mac Mavericks

How to Undelete Files from Mac Mavericks

Remo Recover software for Mac recovers all files that are deleted from Mac Mavericks OS in just few clicks! Along with the deleted files, it even recovers lost files from Mac Mavericks volumes and other versions of Mac OS.

Although Mac Mavericks is enhanced with latest features, data loss from this operating system is inevitable. Your vital data might get delete due to several reasons. Some of the reasons are when you delete an important file by mistake while deleting unwanted files, if your file is deleted from Trash by emptying it without checking the contents in it properly, when you delete the file using Command + Delete key / from Command line, (the file bypasses the Trash bin and will be deleted completely) etc. In such cases, you can easily recover all deleted files from your Mac Mavericks in simple steps by using Remo Mac File Recovery software, within short span of time.

Features of Remo Recover Software for Mac:

  • Software scans all the volumes of the drive and recovers all deleted files on Mac Mavericks OS quickly
  • This utility is designed with user friendly interface which helps the user to recover files from Mac Mavericks in simple steps
  • The software effortlessly recognizes and restores all types of files like video, audio, text and other multimedia files that are deleted from different volumes of the Mac Mavericks like HSF, HSF+, etc
  • The software allows you to choose the type of file to recover by using “Select File Type” option

Just, three steps tutorial to recover deleted files on Mac Mavericks:

Step 1: Download and launch Remo Recover software for Mac on your system .Select “Recover Files” option on your screen

Step 2: Then select “Recover Deleted Files” option to recover the files that are deleted from Mac Mavericks quickly. Now the software provides the list of volumes present on your Mac Mavericks computer, choose the drive from which you want to recover the deleted files.

Step 3: The software scans the selected volume on the drive and displays the recovered files quickly. You can view the recovered files with the help of “Preview” option and can easily save the recovered files.

Additional Features of Remo Mac File Recovery Software:

  • Software preserves the original file names of the deleted files even after recovery process
  • It even arranges the recovered files based on its file name, size and extension which helps to find the particular file
  • “Find” tool is provided to find the specific file based on its file name, size and extension.
  • Recovered files can be viewed in two types based on the requirement “ Data View” and “ File Type View”
  • You can easily recover data from iPod, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.

Simple technique to avoid data loss from Mac Mavericks operating system: Have back up of all the files on any storage media. Double-check the files before deleting from Mac operating system.

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