Recover Deleted Partition on External Hard Drive

Recover External Hard Drive Partition

I made an extremely stupid mistake and accidentally deleted a partition instead of deleting an unwanted partition on external hard drive using disk utility. I have stored precious office documents on that partition and now I am worrying a lot about it. Can anyone help me out to retrieve that deleted partition data?

In this world no one is perfect, sometimes mistakes will happen accidentally too. Do not worry because your data is not gone anywhere, it still resided in external hard disk itself but you cannot able to access or retrieve data because partition information is removed from the table. In such situation, you should need to use any professional data recovery software to restore those deleted partition data. Remo Recover is one of the smart data recovery application that restore hard drive deleted partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFat32 efficiently on Windows. In addition, it restores more than 300 file types includes audio, video, documents and PPT files etc.

How your external hard disk partition gets deleted?

Suppose you are about to create fresh NTFS5 partition in your external hard disk. Therefore, you may plan to delete existing unwanted partition using disk utility. But, while doing this process there are chances of deleting much needed partition where you have stored precious files, instead deleting unwanted partition. Finally, you will end up with loss of partition data.

As virus and malwares are major reasons behind corruption of files. These things easily enter your external hard disk when you connect it to the system infected with virus and storing virus infected data into external hard drive. When these virus attacks spreads in hard disk, starts corrupting files. Hence, you decide to delete the partition to avoid further corruption of newly stored files. Anyhow, finally you end up with loss of partitions data.

Are you fed up after losing precious files and folders after deleting partition in external hard disk? If so then do not worry. In such instance, make use of handy software like Remo Recover. This utility is perfect for recovering Windows 7 deleted partition or whether it is for the case of formatted partitions, irrespective of the reasons you can always rely on this software. You can even utilize this amazing application to recover lost partition from external hard drive in few easy clicks.

How to Use This Remo Recover application?

Download demo version of the application and install successfully on your PC or Laptop meanwhile connect external hard drive to it. Double click on tool; main screen appears in front of you that includes three major options. In that, you select "Recover Drives" option to recover deleted partition. In next step select "Partition Recovery" option and move on to next step. Now the software starts scanning for partitions available in hard disk including deleted or lost partitions. Choose partition from where you wish to recover data and click on "Next" button to initialize scanning and recovery process. Once you done with recovery process, tool presents lists of recovered files and folders to preview.  If you satisfied with obtained results then buy activation key to save those recovered files to your hard disk.

Note: Whenever you lose partitions from hard disk then stop using it further if you wish to perform data recovery from partitions. If the drive is used further, then the files will get overwritten that reduces probability of recovering partition’s data.

Do and Don’ts with external hard disk partition

  • Make a backup of partition data before you resize it because sometimes it may go wrong and you will lose all files and folders stored on it
  • Do not do any modifications to existing partitions without proper knowledge of using disk utility
  • Scan external hard disk regularly with updated antivirus tool
  • Don’t connect external hard disk to any virus and malwares infected PC or laptops

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