How to Retrieve Erased Partition on MacBook

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“Can I get back my data from deleted partition on MacBook? I accidentally erased partition of my MacBook and lost all data stored in it. I need that partition back as it contained many important official and personal files. Is there any way to recover data from deleted partition on MacBook?”

Is this your case? Or have you deleted MacBook partition due to some reasons? Yes? Then don’t worry, it is possible to recover deleted partition on MacBook using third party recovery tool. MacBook is a notebook computer which is developed by Apple Inc. with various user-friendly features like portability, reliability, high performance, and many more. Hence is widely used Notebook computers.

Despite, having lots of plus points MacBook still inherits some limitations associated with data security.  Data stored in MacBook is not always secure and is prone to data loss situation.  It is quite possible that user may lose data from MacBook partition due to some reasons. There are many peculiar and unpredictable scenarios that may cause data loss situation from MacBook. Some of them are deleting partition, formatting, OS installation, re-installation, virus attack and many more.

Among all these partition deletion is the most common and frequent cause for loss of data. There are possibilities that user may delete entire MacBook partition which can lead to huge loss of data. Some of the factors that cause deletion of partition on MacBook are as follows:

  • Many a times, it happens that user may accidentally delete important partition rather than unused ones. This is normally due to user negligence that causes loss of important files and folders from MacBook. Thus, accidentally erasing MacBook partition can lead to severe data loss situation.
  • User may try to manage MacBook partitions by modifying, extending or resizing the existing partition. In order to perform any of these actions user may use some untrustworthy third party tool. In such cases there are possibilities that this tool may delete partition without user notification.
  • There are chances that user may accidentally erase MacBook partition while OS re-installation or upgradation process.

At certain situations, user might be tensed and may think for the solution to solve data loss situation.  Despite telling many times user fails to keep backup of important files and then suffer after data loss situation. Here is one more chance where you can get back your data from deleted partition i.e. by using some third party tool. Remo Recover (Mac) is one such the best recovery tool to recover all your data from deleted MacBook Volumes. You can even utilize this tool to perform Mac lost Volume recovery in just few simple steps.

How data recovery is possible?

According to technical facts, when user deletes any file from the system only address pointer pointing to that particular file is deleted. The file is still present in memory area but in hidden state thus user cannot see it. This indicates space in which that file was saved is free and can be used to save new data. Hence data recovery is possible using some good software. Similarly, in this case also deleted partition data can be restored.

(Caution: User should not save new data soon after data loss situation because if user saves any new data then probability of complete data recovery will be decreased.)

Why Remo Recover (Mac) Utility is the best tool?

User can make use of hassle-free software Remo Recover (Mac) to retrieve deleted partition on MacBook. This Data Recovery software for Mac is specially developed for recovering data from Mac Operating System. It is capable enough to recover 300 types of files from MacBook partition without any difficulties. This recovery software has robust algorithms which will rigorously scan entire system to locate deleted files on basis of its unique signature and recovers it without causing any damage to the original file.

This tool is compatible with all latest versions of Mac Operating System like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. It supports recovery of data from partitions which has HFS + and HFS X file systems. Additionally, it can also recover data from formatted partitions of any Mac Operating system. This recovery software can easily restore data from Volumes that do not mount or fail to mount. Moreover, it allows users to save restored files in any accessible drive. (Avoid saving recovered file in the same drive from where it was lost or erased.)

Safety Measures to avoid data loss situation:

  • Keep additional copies of important files and folders.
  • Do keep copy of important partition data before re-installing or upgrading your system OS.
  • Before deleting any partition check it twice or else you will end up deleting important one.
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