How to recover deleted photos from your SD card?

Accidentally deleted all your important photos? Dont worry, there is an option to restore your personal photos without any risk using Remo Recover. A photo recovery software developed to deal with all possible data loss scenarios like accidental deletion of photos or SD card corruption. Remo Recover is here to help you retrieve all your deleted photos from SD card.

“Happy times come and go but memories stay forever”- photos let you cherish those memories. Accidentally deleting your photos from your SD card, can also delete a beautiful memory of yours, which makes you wish for a chance to recover deleted photos from SD card.

Usually, when you delete photos they are not actually deleted permanently from your SD card, they still reside on it with its memory space marked as free to use. It is recommended not to use the SD card to avoid overwriting your deleted pictures.

In this article, you will find out how deleted photos can be recovered from your SD card using Remo Recover, an efficient and easy to use photo recovery software. So if you have deleted or lost your pictures due to any of the following reasons:

  • Virus infection to your SD card
  • Removing SD card from a computer while its transferring data
  • File system corruption to your SD card
  • Mistakenly formatting your SD card
  • Accidentally deleting pictures

Try these 5 Simple Steps to Quickly Restore Deleted Pictures from SD card

Watch this simple video tutorial to learn how to recover deleted images from your SD card:

Before starting with the photo recovery process, connect your SD card from which you want to retrieve images to the computer using an external memory card reader or an adapter.

  • Step1: Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer
  • Step2: Launch the software and Click on Recover Photos option
  • Step3: Upon selecting the Recover Photos option you will have the following two options:
    • Recover Deleted Photos: Select this option, if you have deleted photos from your SD card.
    • Recover Lost Photos: Select this option, if you have lost all the photos from your SD card.
  • Step4: Select your SD card from the list of drives displayed and proceed to Scan
  • Step5: Once the scanning is completed, there is a Preview option to see the photos retrieved, you can select a location and Save the recovered pictures.

Note: Please do not choose your SD card as your restoring location as it might lead to overwriting your data, select any other location.

Features of Remo Photo Recover

  • Recovers accidentally deleted images from your SD card
  • Compatible on both Mac and all versions on Windows operating system
  • Restores pictures deleted from various types of SD cards like - SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD card and more
  • Capable of recovering lost photos/videos/files even from a corrupted or formatted SD card
  • Retrieves more than 300 file types including retrieval of RAW photos which comprises 44 media specific RAW file formats.

Simple Precautions to avoid deletion or loss of photos

  • Make sure that you take a regular backup of all your photos
  • Avoid installing unknown applications the device on which you are using your SD card
  • Make a habit of handling your SD card safely while it is connected to external devices
  • To avoid your photos deletion due to any virus infection, install any third party Antivirus software.

In case you forgot to take these simple precautions to avoid deletion or loss of images, resulting in deletion of pictures. You can always rely on Remo Recover, a simple and efficient data recovery software which can help you recover all your lost photos from your corrupted or formatted SD card, hard drive or pen drive.

As an added advantage the software lets you preview the recovered data before saving on to your device. This way you can select the required images to recover deleted photos from SD card.

Why Choose Remo?