Recover Deleted Songs from iPod

I am using iPod nano, a pretty good one. I just deleted some of the songs recently due to spatial issue. Instead of backing up those songs I deleted it all unknowingly. Someone told me once that the deleted songs in iPod will be in some parts of the iPod. But I didn't find any when connected with my Windows PC. Suggest me a good tool to recover deleted songs from iPod?

Is there any way to deleted songs from iPod in Windows 7 operating system? I deleted those songs using iTunes application? If so explain it with procedure.

Really sounds bad a lot!!! Better say thanks than sorry. Yes! The iPod deleted songs can be recovered easily by using optimal recovery software. At the same time the recovery software chosen by you must be as much as efficient because if you deploy any junkie software then it might create a complete mess and destroy the available song data in the iPod. So it's a wise choice to go with a powerful recovery tool like Remo Recover

Yes the deleted songs are still available in the iPod. It can be assured that the deleted songs can be recovered from the Apple iPod within a few mouse clicks using Remo Recover. While deleting a single song or a group of songs in an iPod only the index file of the song is erased which acts as an id to the user and the actual song which will be in binary format in the core. Remo recover efficiently reconstructs this id and deleted songs from the iPod. The user can use the recovered deleted songs as they were using it earlier. Remo Picture Recovery software comes with a lot of specialized features.

Standout criterias of Remo Recover:

The Remo Recover software is one of the software that stands tall among its customers. Due to its inevitable support to the customers the consortium is growing big and big day by day. From the technical side the mechanism deployed in Remo Recover can restore all deleted songs which can be in any music formats such as MP3, WAV etc. Apart from this there are other features too that attracted the customers worldwide. They are as follows:

  • Successfully Recovers deleted all kinds of songs from iPods with any storage size.
  • Recovers all music file formats such as .mp3, .wav, .mp2 etc including the compressed and non compressed music files
  • Supports songs recovery from iPod that are deleted by any third party applications like iTunes or any other music player software
  • Compresses recovered files when user having lack of space in their iPod device
  • Provides back the recovered songs along with its file and folder structure. This will keep the user to identify their deleted songs easily

Click here to recover music from corrupted iPod with the assistance of Remo Recover application in simple steps.

Some song deletion scenarios that need Remo Recover:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Songs deleted by iTunes and other third party software
  • Songs deleted due to synchronization
  • Songs deleted due to “out of space” error

Steps involved in recovering deleted songs from iPod:

  • If you want to recover the deleted songs from the iPod download Remo Recover and install in Windows or Mac PC
  • Connect your iPod with that PC and start the recovery process
  • In the main screen choose "Recover Photos"
  • Click "Recover Deleted Photos" and choose the iPod drive on the next upcoming screen
  • Choose the desired music file formats that need to be recovered from the iPod from the category "Music and Video".
  • If the music file format is unknown choose "Mark all" option and proceed
  • Remo Recover will grab all the deleted songs from the iPod and save the session in the PC or any storage device
  • Purchase the software and retrieve back the recovered deleted songs from the iPod with ease clicks

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