How to Recover Desktop Files After Formatting Computer

Updated on June 22, 2021

Did you lose your desktop files after formatting your computer? Wondering how to restore desktop files after formatting Computer? Yes, Remo Recover is the solution. Remo recover is a professional data recovery software, designed with a robust scan engine that can locate deleted and lost RAW partitions. It can recover 300 file types and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS desktop HDD after formatting. It can also recover files from crashed, unbootable, corrupted hard drives easily.

When you format your computer with a fresh copy of the operating system all its data present on the main partition will be erased. This includes the files that are saved on the desktop as well. If you have failed to back up the desktop files, you will not find them after formatting the computer. But you can still recover desktop files after formatting, adhere till the end of the article to know more. Before that let us understand common scenarios where formatting is must:

  • When reinstalling an operating system on a computer, the process may force the user to format the hard disk, resulting in data loss.
  • If a user chooses a healthy partition and formats it while formatting a corrupted and inaccessible partition, then all of its files will be erased.
  • When a hard drive displays the error “drive not formatted, format it now,” one must proceed with the formatting process in order to recover access to the hard drive; nevertheless, formatting erases all data from the hard disk.
  • In some circumstances, logical flaws on the computer cause frequent hard drive hanging, severe bad sectors on the hard drive, and other issues that make data stored on it inaccessible, necessitating the need to format the hard drive.

Can I recover desktop files after format?

Yes, you can recover desktop files after format. Usually, desktop files are stored on the main partition that contains the operating system. When you format your computer or install a fresh copy of operating system, any data that is saved on the main volume will be erased. Hence, it is very difficult to get back the desktop files.
Fortunately, there is way to recover desktop files after format. This is because, when you format the drive, a new file system will be created. A file system is a registry that stores information of the files and points to the data stored on the drive.
Therefore, your erased data will remain on the drive until it is been overwritten with fresh data. Hence, you need to stop using the computer or make any changes to it to increase the chances of data recovery.
However, there are no manual ways to retrieve your desktop files, the only way to recover data from the drive is to use a professional data recovery software.

Bonus Tip: To know more on how to recover complete data from formatted hard drive, click on the given link

Software to Recover Desktop Files After Format

Retrieving data after installing a new operating system is impossible. Even as the data exist on the hard drive, getting your hands on it is very difficult. Remo Desktop file Recovery software is the only efficient tool that can recover data that are inaccessible after the format. Integrated with advance scan algorithm, the tool scouts for the data sector by sector to retrieve the lost desktop files. The tool can also recover data that are lost due to accidental deletion, hard drive corruption or even total drive failure. Download and try the software now.


How to recover desktop files?

Initially download and install Remo Recover software on your machine successfully.

  • Download and install the Remo Recover and start the recovery process on your Formatted hard-drive/ partition from which you wish to recover data from and press the Scan button.
  • Note – If you are unable to locate the formatted drive from which you want to recover your Desktop files from, click on Can’t find the Drive option
  • The software Quick Scan to be complete, once scan is complete the tool will run the Deep Scan wherein it recovers data sector by sector of the drive. (Where you will be provided with Dynamic Recovery View) from which you can simultaneously recover data while the Deep Scan is running.
  • Wait for Tool To Complete Scan
  • Now select the desktop files that you want to recover from formatted partition and click on Recover.
  • You will be able to Preview the recovered files and partition.
  • Choose the needed file, click on Save a browse for a location to save the recovered data.

Remo Recover Software Prominent Features:

  • The software is specially designed for restoring files after formatting on both Windows and Mac OS desktop HDD after formatting.
  • It supports recovery of data from different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, ATA, PATA, SATA, etc utmost ease
  • You can also utilize this tool to restore files from pen drives, USN drives, external HDD, FireWire drive, memory cards, MMC, etc after format
  • This utility has ability to identify and recover various popular file types on the basis of unique file signatures
  • With the help of Remo Recover software you can get back files from dead, crashed, unbootable, corrupted hard drive utmost ease.


Whenever you think of formatting your computer you should make it mandatory to backup all your files. So that you can reuse them after the format. I have taken frequent backups of the data you can try finding the lost desktop files from File History. However, if you are unable to find desktop files on a backup, use Remo Desktop File Recovery software to recover data even after low level formatting

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