Recover Lost Data from Corrupted MBR

Updated on June 17, 2021

MBR corruption generally occurs when multiple operating systems are running on a single system, as a result you may face errors like “Operating system not found” when you start your computer. The most possible reason behind MBR corruption is boot sector viruses. Whatever is the reason the major issue is MBR corruption directs to risk of losing data. If you are under such a situation, Remo Hard Drive recovery software guarantees you safe and sound recovery of the lost data due to MBR corruption!

Let’s start with a simple question…

How often you come across error messages like these?

  • Missing operating system
  • Invalid Partition Table
  • Error loading Operating system

And when you see something like this, you know you better be start worrying. Because it’s a warning sign that you’re about to lose your important data.

It’s important to understand why these error messages popped up. The most prominent reason is your system is having a corrupted MBR. Because of that your BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive or it is identifying wrong partition as active or probably it is related to some BIOS setup issue.

But, exactly what is MBR or Master Boot record?

MBR of hard drive is just like nucleus of a human body. It contains all the key information about the disk and it is also the place where the BIOS loads the boot program which is required for the loading of the OS. Let’s try to understand what could be possibly goes wrong when HDD MBR is corrupt.

Problem: MBR corruption; Sounds unfamiliar?

Another fact coming your way; MBR is susceptible to corruption/damage. This corrupted MBR can be reason for Data loss.
Not just primal Data loss but severe Data loss. There could be several reasons for corruption of the MBR; out of which the most common are

  1. Power surges
  2. Multiple OS’s running on the same system
  3. Improper exiting of the programs
  4. Improper and unexpected shut down of the system
  5. The MBR virus

How To Recover Lost Data From Corrupted MBR?

Solution: MBR recovery tool that will recover data from corrupted MBR.

MBR corruption is rare but definitely a serious ailment of your hard disk drive. This problem could eventually lead to the loss of your important data and files present in the disk. But, however big the problem is, advanced technology always seems to have an answer for it. An efficient hard drive data recovery software to recover files even after facing MBR corruption that is specifically designed for such situations can help in recovering your lost data.Your disk can be repaired anytime; it is not going anywhere but your data is slipping away and once gone, it could be a really troublesome situation for you. Remo recovery has a powerful scanning mechanism which recovers data from a corrupt MBR.

Apart from recovering data lost due to MBR corruption, it can also restore partition.

Steps to Recover Data from Corrupt MBR:

Download the demo version of Remo Recover (Pro) – Windows Edition and launch it. This tool will help in recovering data from a crashed hard drive on IDE, SCSI and SATA hard disk drives. One of the key features of the software is that it recovers the partition in its original structure and is capable of displaying the recovered items according to its file type, in a hierarchical manner.

Step 1: Once, the software is launched, a screen saying “Recover Partitions”.

Partition Recovery - Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the disk that was corrupted or from which you wish to recover your data and click on Scan

Step 3: The tool begins its scanning and searches for lost data due to corrupted MBR.

recover files after corrupt MBR3

Step 4: After the scanning is done, you will get to see the list of recovered partitions.

recover files after corrupt MBR4

Step 5: Choose the partition you wish to recover from and click on Scan.

Step 6: After scanning a list of recoverable files are displayed, preview the files you wish to recover by double clicking.

recover files after corrupt MBR6

Step 7: Now save the recovery session and get the licence key to save the desired files

recover files after corrupt MBR6

Noteworthy suggestion: Your Hard disk drive is the most vital organ of your system as it is the one which contains all your data. It is always to safe to have a backup of your Hard drive from time to time. It is always to safe to have a backup of your Hard drive from time to time. If failed to do so, here’s how you can perform disk recovery.

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