Retrieve Photos, Documents and other Files after Hard Reset

Recover files lost after hard reset with the aid of Remo Hard Drive Recovery software. Data from PC, iPod, laptop, etc, will be restored in just few minutes after a hard reset! Follow simple steps and get back erased files with ease!!

Any system’s performance will weaken over time due to accumulation of data, outdated drivers, hardware failure, and so on. One option is to perform a hard reset to get your system back to its previous working condition. But then, hard reset removes all data, applications and settings added by the user. So you need to backup data before you opt for hard reset.

What if backup was not taken? Are files lost forever?

No, don’t think that data is lost forever. Although hard reset erases all files from the system and puts it back to its original settings, it does not mean that data is permanently lost. The files still reside on the drive. With the help of recovery software, files can be restored. Remo Software has come up with Hard Drive Recovery software that retrieves entire data after factory reset.

Retrieve Data after Hard Reset using Remo Recover –

The software recovers all files from the system after a hard reset. Files like documents, movies files, photos, presentation files, spreadsheets, Photoshop docs, and all others will be recovered in a short while. It recovers files from both Windows and Mac systems after a hard reset. The utility can also be used to restore files after factory reset from various devices like iPods, laptops, phones, cameras, etc.

Guide to Recover Data after Hard Reset –

  • Download and install Remo Recover software on your system
  • Once the application is launched, select Recover Drives option from the main screen. Next choose between Formatted / Reformatted Recovery or Partition Recovery option as per requirement
  • Select the drive from which files have to be recovered and hit Next for scanning to start
  • After scanning is completed, preview recovered files using Preview option and select the ones to be saved on a preferred location

In addition, Remo Hard Drive Recovery application restores data from formatted / reformatted partition, deleted or lost partition, crashed, inaccessible or corrupted hard drive, and from missing volume. Files deleted or missing from various storage devices like pen drives, hard disks, flash memory cards, iPods, and so on can be easily recovered.

A few Reasons as to why Hard Reset is done -

  • If your desktop / laptop is running slow because of unwanted applications, then a factory restore is done
  • To remove settings and configurations of the system and bring it to default settings, hard reset is carried out
  • If there are any serious technical issues in iPod which are not solved even after restarting it, then a hard reset becomes necessary
  • To remove personal data from the drive before giving it away, factory reset is performed

Under all such instances, Remo Hard Drive Recovery software comes in handy to retrieve files lost after hard reset. Moreover, it even helps you in restoring data from hard drives having bad sectors or from non booting drives. You can view the recovered data using File Type View option or Data View option accordingly, and also compress them into a ZIP file to save disk space.

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Safe and Secure
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