Recover Files after iPod Stopped Working

How will I get back my files from the iPod that has stopped working?

At times, there would arise a situation; wherein your iPod containing vital files would stop working all of a sudden. Repeated attempts to restart the iPod might fail thus leading to loss of vital files from your iPod. You would just see a black screen on your iPod which wouldn't respond to any of your requests. You might have stored your favorite pictures, videos and songs, but now all of these files will be lost!! In such cases you would wonder why my iPod stopped working without any reason suddenly.

So now, how will you recover files after iPod stopped working? Is that possible? Scared? No there is no need to get tensed; yes, it is possible to recover files from the not working iPod. This can be achieved with the help of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software that can effortlessly restore all your files from the iPods that has stopped working.

Features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is ultimate software that helps you in restoring your lost files from your iPod that has stopped working due to some unknown reasons. This Photo Recovery tool is equipped with many robust algorithms that could scan your entire iPod efficiently and extract all your lost files from the not working iPod.

  • Capable of recovering all music, video and image files of any format like 3GP, PNG, PSD, GIF, MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV and many more
  • Supports recovery of files from all models of iPods like iPod Nao, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and many others including all their individual generations
  • In addition to the iPods, the tool supports file recovery from other storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, SD cards etc.
  • Has the capability to recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and many other files systems effortlessly
  • Compatible with all versions of both Windows and Mac OS

General causes that could stop the working of iPod

At times, while transferring the files from the computer to your iPod some of the virus infected or corrupt files might also get transferred on to your iPod. This corrupts even the other files that were already present on the iPod. If these viruses are not removed at the earliest, then it would damage the entire file system of iPod in turn could cause the iPod to stop the working at any instant of time.

Some of the other reasons include sudden system shut down suddenly while syncing the iPod with iTunes on any Mac or Windows computer can even stop working of iPod. Incomplete iTunes update, interruptions while performing software updates on iPod or while restoring the iPod to original factory settings, hard drive crash when iPod is connected to system and data is being accessed etc. are all other causes that could prevent iPod from working all of a sudden

However, in all these situations Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software works efficiently and restores back all your lost files from the iPod. In addition with the help of this software you can even recover music from corrupt iPod with just few mouse clicks.

Exceptional features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Incorporated with an easy-to-use & a highly intuitive user interface
  • Provides a free preview of all the recovered files even before purchasing the application
  • Safely restores the data without corrupting the files or even the iPod
  • Enables you to testify its capabilities for free with its evaluation copy
  • Scanned information can be saved to avoid rescanning the iPod in future

Video below provides the complete recovery procedure

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