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Hello, I have quick formatted my USB flash drive accidentally. But now I need all those files back that were stored on that flash drive. Will I be able to recover my files from the USB? Who can help me please?

Yes, the accidental quick format of your flash drive is really a distressing situation, especially when you had many important files on that flash drive. You might be worried about how to recover files after quick format of flash drive? But it’s not as hard as you would have thought. The truth is that your formatted data is still on your storage device until new files overwrite it.

So, you will have to stop putting the new data on your formatted storage device and search for a solution to recover your files back. The perfect solution to recover your entire files back from your quick formatted flash drive is Remo Hard Disk Recovery software. The tool works exceptionally well to extract every single file from your formatted flash drive.

What happens when you quick format your flash drive?

Actually there are two ways in which you can format your flash drive or any storage device; Full format and quick format. In case of full format your flash drive will be overwritten with some random values thus erasing your data permanently. But, in case of quick formatting, your files will not at all be erased and only the entries of the FAT table that are used to access these files will be erased. Files will still reside on your flash drive but will be inaccessible; however will be recoverable.  

Situations wherein would quick format your drive

Here are some situations wherein you would quick format your flash drive:

  • Accidentally formatting your flash drive instead of formatting some other drive
  • Formatting your flash drive forcefully due to the occurrence of “format error” which blocks you from accessing your files
  • Sometimes in order to get rid of severe virus infection you would quick format your flash drives
  • While changing the file system of your flash drive you have to perform Quick format

In all these situations, if you don’t have the proper data backup you will lose your files. But as said earlier it’s a temporary loss and with the aid of Remo Recover software you can unformat your entire flash drive files without any difficulties.

How Remo Recover Software Works?

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is equipped with advanced tools that could perform in-depth scanning of your quick formatted flash drive and extracts your entire file lost from it. Below are some of the features of the utility, read on:

  • Capable of recovering files from flash drives of any brand like Kingston, Transcend, Sony, HP, Samsung, SanDisk and many more
  • Whether it is your photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, PPT files, PDFs, ZIP archives, PSD files or any file; the tool can easily get them back as it supports 300 different file types and formats
  • Not just your flash drives, it even supports recovery of files from other storage devices like hard drives, iPods, external hard drives, memory cards, SD cards etc.   
  • It’s a non-destructive utility that just extracts the data from the flash drive without causing any damage to your files
  • Compatible with all available versions of both Windows and Mac OS

Extra Skills: Make use of Remo Recover software to perform inaccessible SD card recovery in a simple way.

Incomparable traits of Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is an excellent utility that has been designed with numerous user-friendly features and options that ensures complete and smooth recovery of files even for novice users.

  1. Incorporates completely metro-styled GUI to support recovery on touch-enabled devices
  2. Preview of the recovered files even before purchasing the tool by providing free evaluation copy
  3. With the help of the file’s unique signature, it can easily identify all types of files even after recovery
  4. 100% Safe from all kinds of threats
  5. Recovered files can be compressed and saved on any storage device with utmost ease

Video Guide to Recover Formatted Data

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