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How to Recover Lost Data from Windows 10 Auto Upgrade

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"Automatic (Auto) upgrade”, does it ring a bell?

Microsoft has perceived that most of its users are switching to Windows 10 from their current version of Windows. With time, Microsoft changed the designation of Windows 10 download from “optional” to “recommended” within Windows update. But this “Auto Upgrade” facility by Microsoft , comes with a dangling threat i.e. possibility of data loss as there have been noticeable cases where people have lost their personal files after rebooting or the instances where they are simply unable to locate it.

Windows 10 is by far the biggest hit by Microsoft. It has mostly received positive reviews by the tech critics mainly because of its Desktop Oriented Interface which is friendly for the rudimentary PC user. Although, Windows 10 all in all has been liked & accepted by its users but there are certain flaws that cannot be unnoticed. To begin with, Windows Media Center is nowhere to be seen; Cortana has replaced the simplified “Start menu”; several other desktop applications and programs have either been banished or modified.

Auto upgrade Aftermath

The flaw that needs to be in limelight is that up gradation might shuffle the system C drive. Many files or archives from C drive maybe included as well. There is a fair chance, these files may get misplaced by Windows 10 data. The ideal way to avoid data loss from Windows 10 upgrade is to back up your entire PC. Now, Backup is an essential step and is always recommended before advancing towards actions like system upgrade, disk clean up, formatting of drives etc. By chance if the backup copy is missing or if you haven’t taken backup of the files that were modified in the interim, you may lose all the data. Check out complete solution to recover data from PC here.

NOTE: In order to backup & restore Outlook data after upgrading Windows you can use Remo Outlook Backup tool. It takes backup of all your Outlook attributes including Settings and restores them back securely after upgrade.

Do you think it’s the end? No!

The probability of occurrence of such a mishap is quite significant. In such a case, the action cannot be undone but it can be rectified!
Your data is important to you and we totally understand that. Hence, we have come up with the best and the swiftest way to recover your lost data in such a situation - Remo Recover (Windows)-Pro Edition.

It is an efficient and simplified data recovery software, which any one with just basic technical skills will be able to get back their data even after Windows 10 upgradation without asking for help. Remo Windows Recovery Software ensures recovering more than 300 type of files on various Windows Versions. It has an instinctive user interface, which makes the recovery procedure easy.

Important Features of Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software

  1. Regaining Data after a System Crash or a Hard Drive failure
  2. Finding Files with its built-in scanner is easy
  3. Helps you to recover deleted pictures from Windows 10 computers. Images of various formats like PNG, GIF, PSD etc. and Raw images of any format can be recovered with ease
  4. It aids the recovery of several file formats like DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, MPEG, MOV etc. which sums up to 300 types of files
  5. Swift and efficient because of its “Save Recovery Session” option, which avoids rescanning of the drive

Quick & Easy guide to recover files after Win 10 auto-upgrade:

In order to retrieve lost data from Windows 10 after automatic upgrade, first you need to stop using the drive and download the demo version of Remo Windows Recovery Software which is free!! Then just install it and continue follow the below explained steps:

  1. Once, you start running it, you will see three large icons appearing on the main screen. Choose “Recover Drives”.
  2. After you are redirected to the second screen; select the option of “Formatted / Reformatted” recovery option.
  3. Now, it’s time to select the drive from which you want to recover the data.
  4. Our software now begins with the scanning process and you will get to view the list of all the recovered data in a hierarchical pattern.
  5. You can have a preview of your recovered files. The software has successfully vanished all your doubts and impressed you enough such that you purchase it. Going ahead, you can save all your recovered data.
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Safe and Secure
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