How to Recover Files Deleted by Gemini Duplicate Finder?

Duplicates! Always confuse us with the originals. If Gemini duplicate file finder deletes originals by mistake, what do you do? Don’t get confused. The solution is clear. Use Remo Mac File Recovery software, an effective and efficient tool to recover all your deleted files!

Written by John Harris / Updated on February 01, 2024

You wanted to get rid of all those duplicate documents and images that you have. You installed Gemini Duplicate Finder and hit the “clear All” button. Oops, it wiped the originals too! Now what? Hang on - before you lose your heart, take a minute to read this article. In this post you’ll learn the secure & easy way of restoring deleted files by Gemini Duplicate Finder. Can you get those files back? Well, the answer is a big “yes”. You can definitely recover files deleted by Gemini duplicate file finder. Before I come directly to solution, it’s better to educate yourself what could possibly go wrong?

Common Causes for File Deletion by Gemini

Gemini is a duplicate file finder and used to remove duplicate files from your Machine. When you use this, it scans your Machine's hard drive for duplicate files and wipes them out. So, there can be accidental data loss as well. The common scenarios where users can lose their files due to Gemini are:

  • Wrong files being removed by mistake - where a file has the same name but different content
  • Accidentally emptied the trash after wrong files were removed
  • Accidentally selecting all found files and deleting them

Gemini provides 2 options for deletion - moves files to trash or erase files immediately. No matter which option you set as default, you can still recover files deleted due to Gemini with the help of a Mac File Recovery tool.

Recover Files Deleted by Gemini

Remo Recover Mac is a a recovery wizard, recovers and restores all your lost files due to Gemini. It helps you to recover deleted documents, emails, PDFs apart from photos, videos, music files, and more than 300 file types on all verions of macOS including the latest Sonoma version.

Download and install the software and select Recover Files from the main screen, then follow the below-mentioned instructions:

Step 1: Select the drive from where the files were deleted and click on Scan

choose drive on mac

Step 2:During the scanning Process, the program will list out all the deleted files.

preview recovery resuts during process

Step 3: Once you select the files you want to recover, click on Save to save the session.

save recovered files

It also has the option to preview the recovered files to assess the recovery


Some circumstances are unavoidable, but you can avoid data loss by being little careful. Double-check your trash before emptying and selecting only those files you want Gemini to remove are couple of things you can do avoid file deletion.

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