Recover files deleted using shift + delete from Qosmio laptop

Have unwanted files cluttered your Qosmio X875-Q7280 laptop. A messed up desktop is not what you would want to have, but you are too preoccupied to scan each of the files and delete the unwanted ones? What if one day in an attempt to delete a few files you accidently shift+delete all of them from the desktop? The files which even included your very important taxation documents are now not to be found even in the recycle bin. What will be your immediate reaction? You may feel the urge to punch the monitor but will that get you back those files? Absolutely not! So instead of getting hyper, perform a thorough scan of your drive with Remo Recover (Windows) software and get access to your files within minutes.

Everyone opts for Toshiba`s Qosmio X875-Q7280 because of its power saving eco Utility feature. This helps to minimize the consumption of electricity. Its inbuilt features include i7-360QM processor, 12 GB memory and a hard disk of around 500GB. Through this laptop you can see and feel the difference between multimedia and multitasking. While using this laptop you can also enjoy the outburst of speed when you need it the most. This has been made possible with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

Files once deleted using the tag shift + delete can`t be viewed on the recycle bin. These files go directly into the hard drive. So to recover them from the hard disk you must use Remo Recover Basic Edition. To run the software successfully just follow the steps and you can restore it yourself.

At first download and install the software in your system. Now click ‘Recover Files’ tab. Now select the hard disk or the drive and then click Scan. The scanning process will start, once it’s over it will show you the file recovered with two types of view. Tick the check box and select the files you need. To restore them select another drive over the one you used to recover and save it.

Unless you are too sure, it is safer to delete files with the delete key. And that’s because it takes your files to the recycle bin from where you have an easy option to restore it. But with a shift delete command you straightaway drive your file out of sight.


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