Restore Photo, Audio, Video, Media Files from Corrupted Memory Card

Restore Corrupt Memory Card Files

Recover all the music files, movies and photos from corrupted memory card easily using Remo Recover software!! Designed with advanced recovery algorithms which helps you with speedy recovery of all media files from any memory card brands like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, HP…

Corruption is the main cause due to which files saved in memory card becomes inaccessible. Nevertheless, the data in the card will be safe but the thing is you can’t access it. So, how to tackle this issue?

1. Fix the corrupted memory card and recover all your data

2. Use reliable Memory Card Recovery software and get back your data without fixing it

Tip- We are suggesting to use Memory Card Recovery software first, to restore all data from it. Once you safeguard your data, you can perform any task on memory card to fix it.

Fix Damaged Memory Card using CHKDSK and Recover Data from it-

When memory card gets damaged don’t come to conclusion that only formatting will fix the problem. Yes! it is possible that formatting might fix the issue. But, you will lose all the data stored on it. Therefore, before formatting, try this technique and try to resolve the issue.

  • Connect your memory card to computer
  • Run Command Prompt from administrative account
  • When Command Prompt window appears, type chkdsk /X /f Drive_Name:" or "chkdsk Drive_Name: /f " [Replace Drive_Name with memory card drive letter.]
  • Hit Enter after typing the command

Wait until you get a message stating that Windows has made corrections to the file system. Now, go back to memory card and try to access it. If this method doesn’t work on your memory card, then recover all your data from memory card using Remo Memory Card Recovery Software. After recovering data, you can format your memory card [if it allows you to do it] to use it further.

Note- In case, you have formatted your memory card before restoring all data, even then Remo Memory Card Recovery Tool comes to your rescue. As it is designed to recover data also from formatted memory card.

Recovering Data from Damaged Memory Card using Remo Memory Card Recovery Tool-

The advanced deep scanning mechanism of Remo Recover software helps to restore the data from damaged memory card so easily. It recovers audios, videos, images and other multimedia files. The tool supports to recover MP3, MP4, PSD, PNG, WAV, AIFF, MOV, AVI, CR1, CRW, NEF, GIFF, TIFF and many other formats of files from damaged memory card.

Remo Recover software will effortlessly recover media files of different file formats consuming very less time. This application even enables you to recover photos from microSD, CF card, SD card, XD card, MMC, MiniSD card and many more. Whatever may be the data loss situations, Remo photo recovery software offers you complete solution to perform damaged memory card data recovery in simple steps.

Complete Guide to Restore Data from Corrupted Memory Card

  • Firstly, you need to download and install Remo Recover software on your computer
  • Next, connect your memory card to the computer on which you have installed software via a card reader or USB cable
  • Then, launch the software and choose “Recover photos” option Restore Damaged Memory card Data  Figure 1
  • Select either “Recover Lost Photos” or “Recover Deleted Photos” as per the requirement Restore Damaged Memory card Data  Figure 2
  • Now choose the memory card from the list of drives and let the software scan it for lost files by clicking “Next” button Restore Damaged Memory card Data  Figure 3
  • You can preview the recovered files after scanning Restore Damaged Memory card Data  Figure 4
  • • Finally, select the files which you want to recover and save them on system drive Restore Damaged Memory card Data  Figure 5

What Are the Other Benifits of Remo Recover

  • Advanced recovery algorithms of software scans the entire memory card and retrieves all files from inaccessible cards in an easy way
  • You can even make use of this method to recover photos from formatted hard drives, pen drives, USB drives, iPods etc.
  • It can even restore files from deleted, formatted or inaccessible memory card
  • Sorts out the recovered results based on their name, file size and date of creation
  • Let’s you perform even mobile phone memory card recovery in simple steps and retrieves all your files
  • Inbuilt “Find” option helps you to search for the location of a particular file
  • Retrieved files can be compressed in ZIP format to save disk storage space
  • You can “Preview” the recovered results before saving them
  • Supports various brands of memory cards like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Lexar, HP etc.

Memory Card Corruption – Causes

  • Improper usage of memory card – Using same memory card in multiple devices may corrupt the card and causes data inaccessibility.
  • Unethical way of removing memory card – Ejecting the memory card suddenly while the card is being accessed for read or write operations may end up with corruption.

If you are facing similar data loss situations with your memory card, then just go for the simple and effective solution provided by Remo Recover software. If you have accidentally deleted any file using shift delete and wondering how can i recover shift deleted files with ease, here is your answer. Remo Recover software handles any kind of data loss scenarios in an easy way and gives you the complete results. It’s your solution for all kind of file deletion.

Remo Recover software supports all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10. It is compatible to recover any media and generic files from various storage devices including memory cards, hard drives, flash drives and others on all Mac versions.

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