File recovery from corrupt NTFS 5 parition

Regain your fiels from your NTFS 5 parittion

NTFS is a high performance file system that has the self-healing capabilities. It is used for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 7. NTFS 5 is a new advanced version of the NTFS file system. It has been improved in terms of performance upgradation, reliability, improved security and even file permissions. Some of the other upgraded features of NTFS 5 are includes your journals, disk defragment tool, disk quotas, and sparse files, reparse points, volume mount points and many others. Inspite of all these features, NTFS 5 parition can still get corrupt, causing the loss of your vital files. However, there is no need to worry; you can easily recover files from corrupted NTFS 5 partition with the help of recovery tool called Remo Recover.   

Causes for NTFS corruption:

When you are trying to convert your file system from FAT to NTFS 5, you may encounter some errors which may make you to forcefully terminate the conversion process. This causes the corruption of your NTFS 5 file system. Thus, making your files inaccessible. In any case, either while partitioning your drive or formatting the NTFS 5 partition; if the ntfs.sys file is deleted or lost then your NTFS 5 partition will be damaged and might even become inaccessible.

Severe virus infection and malware attack to a single file can spread the infection to your entire NTFS 5 files. This infection might result in the corruption of your entire NTFS 5 file system, due to which your vital files may get deleted or lost. Also, executing some incompatible programs on your NTFS 5 will damage the file system and thus your NTFS 5 files will be lost.

How Remo retrieves your files?

In all the above cases, your files from the NTFS 5 will be lost due to the corrupt NTFS 5 partition. When you face such incidents, donot keep thinking about it, just make use of Remo Recover (Windows) software and reclaim your files within few minutes. Even if you are unaware of the reason behind this loss, there is no need to get tensed. Because, Remo Recover (Windows) operates irrespective of the reason behind the loss. It has been specially designed with progressive algorithms, to support recovery which is independent of the reason behind the loss.

Whether you have lost your word files or excel sheets, images or songs, PowerPoint presentations or ZIP files etc. you can surely regain every one of them. It supports recovery of more than 300 file types along with their different formats. Not only NTFS 5, it can also be used to retrieve your files from exFAT volume as well as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS partition or drives. file systems also. Additionally, it even support recovery on various storage devices like external hard drives, iPods, USB Flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, SDHC cards and many others. It is even compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 etc. including Windows 8 OS.

How to perform corrupt NTFS 5 file recovery?

Below mentioned are the steps to be followed to recover your files from the corrupt NTFS 5 partitions.

  1. Download the Remo Recover (Windows) from the official site and set it up on your system
  2. Now, just double click the desktop icon of the product to view the main screen
  3. Just choose “Recover Drives / Partition” as shown in Figure 1
  4. Choose the drive from where your files need to be recovered and press on “Next” like the one in Figure 2
  5. If you need only a particular file type to be selected and recovered, click on “Select File Type” tab (refer Figure 3) and make the selection else skip this step
  6. Now the software starts scanning the drive and after completion, view your files either as a Data view or File Type view like Figure 4
  7. Judge their chances of recovery by previewing each of the recovered files using “Preview” option as in Figure 5
  8. Now, save the selected files at any location of your choice (Figure 6)

Advanced features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows) provides easy and comfortable recovery process. It has Modern UI, which supports recovery on even the touch enabled devices. If you are using the trail version, which is available for free, then use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the scanned information. Then, you can simply resume the restoration process after purchasing the tool by using the “Open Recovery Session” tab. Thus, avoids the rescanning of your drive. In trial version, you will not be able to save the files recovered, but can view each file. And then, if you are satisfied with the result purchase the tool and save the recovered files.

Tips to be remembered:

  • As soon as you lose your files stop using the partition
  • Before partitioning or formatting your hard drive, make sure you have taken the data backup
  • After recovering your files, do not save the recovered files on the same drive, from where you recovered

For formatted partition recovery, click here.

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