Recover Files from Damaged Zip

Recently I have zipped a folder that contains many very essential documents due to low memory in hard disk memory. Somehow, zip files were damaged severely so I was unable to retrieve files stored inside it. However, files are most important to me and even I would like to restore them as soon as possible. Hence, if any of you know the best solutions then explain in detail.

No need to worry at all you can easily repair damaged or inaccessible Zip file which might contain files more than 4GB with the use of third party repair application like Remo Repair Zip. This application can easily scan files and locates all issues find in it. Later, application recovers all files contained it by repairing the file successfully. In addition, it does not damage your files as well as system while performing repair process.

Remo Repair Zip application repairs any corrupted, damaged, and inaccessible zip file and restores any data from it including audio, video, pictures, documents, etc. It supports repairing of Zip and Zipx files on various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, etc.

Various reasons behind damage of Zip file

  • When Zip file is severely attacked by virus and malware threats
  • Sharing Zip file on slow internet connection might results in CRC error
  • Compressing files using unknown compression methods
  • Zip file header corruption

Here I have mentioned very few reasons but zip file might damage due to various reasons and finally results in loss of files, which contained in it. If this case happens, then user no need to worry, because Remo Repair Zip application repair zip file without taking into account of reasons behind it. Moreover, it is more user friendly in nature thus it helps all types of users can easily access the application. 

Guidelines to repair damaged zip file using Remo Repair Zip application

  • Initially download the Remo Repair Zip application and install on any healthy system successfully
  • Launch the application and start repairing process by following instructions given in it
  • In main screen click on Browse button to locate the damaged zip or zipx file
  • Next click on Repair button to start repair process
  • Application starts scanning the selected file to read all its internal structure to recreate valid zip file permeates to retrieve all files compressed in it
  • Suppose if some files are missing then click on lost files folder to open and view those files
  • After successful of repairing process you can restore all files stored in damaged zip file
  • Now click on Next to specify location to save all restored files

Note: Demo version of Remo Repair Zip application is almost similar to full version. In addition, you can view all restored files from zip file but it does not allow you to save them on your disk. You can make use of this demo version to test the capability of repairing of damaged, inaccessible and corrupt zip files. Upon getting satisfying results, you can activate application to full version to save all restored files successfully. 

Additional info: By utilizing the functionality of Remo Repair application you can fix damaged videos sucessfully. Click on link to read more..

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