Files Recovery from Deleted Partition

Most of the individuals utilize personal computers & laptops for creating and storing vital files related to their personal or official work. In such electronic gadgets, hard disk plays an important role which is also known as primary storage device. It is the default place where all the files get saved for longer period. Nowadays, we come across varieties of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SSD and so on. They are reliable for longer time, provides large memory space, high data transfer rate, supports multiple devices and so on.

Hard drive stores system files of various applications, operating system and even some user related files without which we will be unable to perform some of the operations. In order to access the data present on hard drive easily, it can be divided into various segments known as Volumes. The process of dividing the hard drive into different Volumes is known as partitioning. Each partition present on hard disk might contain different types of files and file system.

Partitioning hard drives into numerous Volumes will increase system performance, stores users and system files separately, supports multiple operating systems on single system etc. With the help of third party tools available in internet can be used to create new Volume or resize existing one. Sometimes, due to unpredicted circumstances these Volumes are prone to deletion from your system.

Let us take an instance wherein you maintain two separate Volumes on your system for storing office and personal files separately. Now, you require another partition for storing photos and videos so that it will not get mess up with other important files. So, you want to repartition the hard disk to create new Volume apart from two older segments. Unfortunately, while creating new one, you might accidentally delete one of the Volume containing important files.

Now you want to recover files from deleted Volume at any cost as it contains crucial information regarding your work. If so, no need to worry you can restore data from deleted Volume with the help of reliable recovery tool. Whenever you encounter such situations, do not assume that files from erased partitions cannot be retrieved! This is because only address pointer of that Volume will be deleted but data remains on hard disk until it is overwritten. So, it is important to remember that new data should not be added into hard disk unless recovery is done. Using professional recovery tool like Remo Recover you can perform data recovery from deleted Volume in few simple steps. Not just the hard drive partition, using this tool you can even recover partition from USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drives, external hard drives or any other FireWire & USB drive effortlessly.

Why Remo Recover?

  • One of the reliable, secured, safe, virus free software that can restore various multimedia files like audio, video, photos etc. from deleted Volume
  • It requires only minimal disk space for establishment process
  • Recovers data from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions effortlessly
  • This tool will create images on hard drive containing bad sectors using an option called Disk Image. Then data can be recovered easily from the image by skipping the bad sectors in later stage
  • With the help of an option called Preview, recovered data can be viewed prior storing them on particular destination of your system
  • Compatible with all latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Enables you to even restore files from unreadable Volumes in simple clicks
  • Supports different partitions like FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS + / HFS X and so on

Some of the reasons that cause deletion of Volume

  • Unintentional Deletion b It has turned out to be one of the major reasons for deletion of Volume. You might accidentally deleted one of the vital Volumes instead of deleting undesired one.
  • Operating System Reinstallation - During the time of OS reinstallation, you find option to format the Volumes. In such cases, if choose vital partition without your knowledge and click on deletion option leads to Volume deletion
  • Repartitioning hard drive - When you want to add new Volume or resize existing one, you might delete essential partition instead of undesired one
  • Virus Attack - When your vital Volume gets infected from viruses via network, infected devices used for data transfer, unsecured data etc. These viruses are capable of multiplying themselves to spread across and finally you may delete the entire Volume to prevent further infection to other drives.

Useful tips to remember

  • Make a habit to maintain copy of vital files in any backup devices
  • Do not use the hard disk immediately after deletion process
  • Utilize trusted third party tools for partitioning process
  • Hard drive should be scanned using updated antivirus software
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Safe and Secure
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