Recovering Data from External Hard Drive on Windows 8

Recover your permanently deleted and lost data from formatted or corrupted external hard drive on Windows 8 with Remo Recover software. It easily retrieves all types of files stored on extrenal hard drives of various brands like Hitachi, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LaCie, Buffalo, Transcend and many more.

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External hard drives, are used for multiple purposes in most of the places like personal use, business organizations, private sectors, teaching institutes etc. They are majorly utilized for storing, retrieving, transferring data quickly and as also as backup device. Its user friendly features like portability, high transfer rate, compatibility etc. makes it more demanding among users.

When we enjoy the benefits given by external hard drive on Windows 8 system, we come across some inconveniences too like data loss, deletion, file system corruption, inaccessibility of external HDD, etc. due to many unknown reasons. Some of the scenarios responsible for loss or deletion from external hard drive on Windows 8 system:

  • Abrupt Ejection -When external hard drive is connected to Windows 8 system for file sharing process and if you suddenly eject the drive or eject it without using Safely Remove Drive option then it will result in data loss.
  • Accidental Formatting -Sometimes, you might accidentally format external hard drive instead of other drive, when it is connected to Windows 8 system for exchanging some of the files. Therefore, complete data present on external HDD gets wiped out.
  • Bad Sectors -If external hard drive contains bad sectors then there are chances that it will become inaccessible. Hence, it will not respond to any read or write operation.
  • Antivirus Software -Normally, we scan external hard drive regularly with antivirus software on Windows 8 system for preventing malware infections. During this scanning process, if antivirus software come across any infected files will delete them without prior knowledge to users
  • Virus Attack -As external hard drive will be attached to many devices for data transfer process will get infected from viruses easily. These harmful infections have the ability to self replicate and can modify or delete data from external hard drive on Windows 8

Apart from above discussed scenarios, unintentional deletion, sudden power surge, abrupt system shut down, file system corruption, deleting files from external hard drive using shift + delete or command prompt, software malfunctioning, hardware conflicts and so on are other reasons for data loss or deletion from external hard drive.

How to Retrieve Files from External Hard Drive on Windows 8?

When you encounter such situations, first stop using external hard drive to avoid overwriting. This is because space occupied by deleted or lost data from external hard drive should not be overwritten by new data. So, it is better to perform recovery process as soon as possible to get back data from external hard drive. At times, we should not take risk by try to retrieve data from external hard drive by our own.

In such instances, it is advised to opt for reliable tool that can perform data recovery from external hard drive in few simple steps on Windows 8 system. If you are in search of professional software, then Remo Recover is best option. This tool is designed with built in scanning algorithms for quick retrieval of data from external hard drive.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is one of the well equipped software for restoring different types of deleted or lost files from external hard drive in less span of time. This software requires minimal disk space for installation process. It supports different kinds of corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, infected external hard drives for restoring data at the earliest. This tool can be installed on all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Procedure to Restore Data from External Hard Drive:

  • First step, you should install Remo Recover and run on your Windows 8 system
  • Connect external hard drive to Windows 8 system
  • From main screen, select Recover Files option
  • Then select Recover Deleted Files from next screen
  • Choose the external drive from where you want to restore files
  • Click on Next button to begin the scanning process
  • After completion of scanning process, a list of files get displayed
  • Files can be viewed in two view i.e. File Type View or Data View
  • Check your recovered files using Preview option
  • In the end, save required files on specific destination of your computer
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