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How can I recover my FAT files?

Sometimes, you might delete your vital files from your FAT partitions / Drives by mistake or without realizing that you will need them one or the other day. It can be any files include photos, documents, music files and many RAW images, whatever it is you will regret for deleting them. In such cases what can be done? Can you handle such situations? No right? Don’t get tensed, you can easily get your lost files back. With Remo Recover (Windows) you can recover files from FAT quickly, and easily that were either deleted or even lost.

Actually when you delete a file, the pointer used for accessing the file only will be deleted and not the file. This file will still reside on your hard drive, but you will not be able to access these files. They will be marked as deleted and the space will be made available for other files. Hence, before this space is overwritten by new files you need to recover them. Remo Recover is the easiest way of recovering these files. It scans the drive quickly and restores your entire deleted or lost files from your FAT file system.

Note: As soon as you lose your files from your FAT or any other partitions, just STOP using your system or the device, since your data might get over written as explained above.

Common scenarios for losing files from FAT:

  • Deletion: There are situations in which you might delete your priceless files accidentally or intentionally thinking them as unwanted and then regret for it. Also, you may empty the recycle bin without checking its contents or might delete the files to bypass the recycle bin using Shift + Delete key.
  • Formatting: Whenever you format your system, it is mandatory to take data backup. In such instances, if you forget or neglect taking data backups you will lose your entire files from your FAT systems.
  • Virus Infection: At times, the files stored on your FAT partitions, might get infected by virus or malware even the anti-virus tools might not be able to identify them. In such cases, this infection might even corrupt the entire FAT making your files inaccessible or get deleted.
  • Other reasons: Reformatting / partitioning errors, hard drive crash, thumb drive corruption, OS reinstallation and many others.

Remo Recover is here!

Easy, Fast and Powerful Recovery
Remo Recover (Windows) aims at user satisfaction and works towards it. Thus, it offers the best GUI and has features like “Select File Type” option to confine the search to the required file type, increases the recovery speed. Powerful because, it can scan the entire drive thoroughly and locate the entire lost files from your FAT partition. With this advance application, user can even recover files after format in few simple mouse clicks.

Versatile tool
Well, with Remo Recover you can easily restore your files of numerous types, from various devices. File types supported are photos, videos, text files, excel sheets, ppt files, music files and many others from your hard drives, external hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, SD cards, iPods and many others. Remo Recover is the best software to find deleted files from hard drive and from other data storage drives which are mentioned above. Moreover, it can even be used to restore files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT partitions etc. and many others. Hence, it is referred as a versatile tool.

Provides User-friendly recovery
This tool focuses on user satisfaction, thus has highly intuitive user-interface. Its GUI has been designed to support even the touch-enabled devices. After recovery you can save your files at any location including the other external devices like CDs / DVDs, that too in a compressed Zip format.

Preview the files even before restoring
If you want to evaluate the software and test its performance, then you can go for the demo version of the software which is available for free. With this demo version, you can view each file that is recovered and then if you are satisfied you can purchase the tool and save your files.

Procedure to perform recovery:

In order to recover your files first download the Remo Recover (Windows) software and follow the below explained steps:

  • Install the software on a healthy device that is free from all kinds of corruption
  • Execute the software and from the main screen select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option as shown in Figure 1
  • From the next screen select an appropriate option based on the requirement refer Figure 2
  • Select the FAT drive from where you lost the files and hit “Next” to initiate the scanning process like Figure 3
  • Once the tool completes scanning, you can view all the recovered files either as a “Data View” or “File-type view”, refer Figure 4
  • Then, preview each file using “Preview” option (Figure 5) and select the files that are needed for saving
  • Now, save the selected files option at any location of your choice using “Save Recovered Files” option as in Figure 6

Things to Remember

  • Do not download or install Remo recover on any corrupt drive or device from which you are recovering the data
  • After Recovery do not save the files on the same drive from where you recovered, instead save them on any healthy device
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Safe and Secure
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