Recover Files from a Hard Drive that's not booting

  • Recover files from a hard drive that do not boot up
  • Retrieve data from a hard drive that becomes slow or inaccessible
  • Retrieves files from formatted / reformatted / repartitioned drives
  • Restore files from Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems

Recover Files from Hard Drive that won’t Boot

While switching on your Windows PC, if you encounter an error like “Please Insert a CD to Boot” or “Inaccessible Boot Device”, it is definite that you are experiencing a data loss situation. This eventually would result in inaccessibility of critical business documents, personal data like photos, treasured music albums etc. The inaccessibility of your vital data can be due to corruption in the important file system attributes of your booting partition or your hard drive (storage device) is physically damaged and no longer getting detected by your PC or laptop.

If there is a corruption in the file system (FAT or NTFS) of your partition then it is possible to retrieve your important data. To recover data from such scenarios you need a File Recovery Software, which can bypass the faulty file system components and allows you to access your lost data.

This can be done only by installing the recovery software on another hard drive or to an external hard drive which is connected to your computer. Take out your hard drive from the computer and make it as an external drive and connect it to another working computer through a USB. Install the software to the working computer and run the software to recover files from your hard drive which is not booting up. This software scans the entire drive to restore deleted or lost files from non booting hard drive. The software also recovers files from formatted, re-formatted and re-partitioned drives by using advance scanning algorithms. This file recovery utility supports recovery from hard drives, external HDD, flash memory cards (SD, XD, CF, MMC), USB drives, and FireWire drives.

How to Recover Files from Non Bootable Hard Drive?

You can easily recover files from non-bootable hard drive by using Remo Recover (Windows) software. You can download demo edition of the software to check the capability of the software in recovering deleted or lost files.

Step 1: Download and install demo edition Remo Recover (Windows) software by selecting the icon from the Start Menu->All Programs or by double clicking the desktop shortcut. Then main windows displays, as shown in Figure 1. Select the "Recover Files" option from the Main Window as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted files” options to retrieve deleted or lost file from drive or partition as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Now, select the logical drive from which you need to restore files as shown in Figure 3 and click “Next

Step 4: The software starts scanning process to recover deleted or lost files. Once the scanning is completed you can view recovered data using Data View or File Type view as shown in Figure 4

Step 5: The software enables “Preview” option, which helps you to preview recovered files before saving it as shown Figure 5

Step 6: Save Recovery Session” option helps you to save scanned information and use it later when you activate the full version of the software by using “Open Recovery session” option as shown in Figure 6 the software loads previously scanned information.

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