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HP Laptops are renowned for their performance across the globe. Like any other computer, HP laptops are also prone to logical/human errors and corruption. Data loss is inevitable and it can happen to any Laptop including your HP laptop as well. Stick till the end of this informational write-up to find out how to recover data from HP Laptop hard drive. Moreover, for hassle-free HP laptop recovery, you can always rely on Remo Recover.

Written by John Harris, Updated on March 31, 2023

HP Laptops and PCs are well known for performance, speed, and value for your buck. The Hewlett-Packard (HP) company has managed to develop a great sense of trust amongst its customer base. However, as good as the quality may be, HP laptops are still computers making them prone to all sorts of hazards such as Viruses, physical damage, accidental deletion, and much more. This could cause the files on your HP laptop to get damaged or even lost.

While the easiest way to get retrieve files from your Laptop is to turn to a backup drive, many are often unprepared for such a scenario. If you need to recover data from an HP laptop and are not equipped with a backup hard disk in hand then you need not worry.

If you are a victim of data loss in a similar situation, you have come to the right place as this article will not only teach you how to recover your data but also how to secure your data for the future.

If safety is a major concern for you, in recovering data from your HP laptop hard disk or SSD, we would suggest, you make use of a trusted data recovery software such as Remo Recover in order to minimize risk.

But first, let us see some of the various scenarios and reasons which cause data loss on your HP laptops:

Possible Data Loss Scenarios On Hp Laptop Hard Drive

  • Human errors such as accidental deletion or formatting could cause you to experience data loss.
  • If you face any interruptions while updating your HP Laptop OS such as power cuts you may experience issues with data loss or data corruption.
  • If you have a partitioned hard disk, a filesystem corruption could block your access to all the data in a certain partition.
  • Hard drive corruption due to excessive bad sectors present on the laptop hard drive or due to MBR corruption
  • Data can be inaccessible due to disk boot failure

Methods to Recover Deleted Files From HP Laptop

While there are several different scenarios there are a few common solutions. Varying from Restoring backups to making use of professional Had disk recovery software. Below, we have mentioned 3 effective methods which can help you recover files from your HP Laptop hard drive.

  • Recover Permanently Deleted Files On An Hp Laptop Using HP Recovery Manager
  • Recover HP Laptop Using Windows Backup And Restore
  • Perform HP Laptop Recovery Using Professional Data Recovery Software

Method 1: Recover files from a hp laptop using HP Recovery Manager

A majority of HP laptops come pre-installed with first-party data recovery software that can be used to back up and restore data. You may use HP Recovery Manager to restore your deleted files if you have a backup ready. If you are unsure of how to go about restoring backed-up files on your HP laptop you can follow the instructions given below-

  • Open the backup folder and open Restore.exe.
  • Once the HP Recovery Manager window opens you can begin to restore your files by clicking on Next.
  • hp-recovery-manager-welcome-screen

  • Select the File types you wish to recover and click on Next to continue


  • A text will be displayed to inform you of the location of the file containing your recovered data.
  • restored-files-storage-location

  • You may click on Finish to end the process.

Method 2: Recover HP Laptop Using Windows Backup And Restore

  • Open Control Panel and go to System and Security
  • control-panel-system and-security

  • Click on Recovery
  • windows-backup-recovery

  • Click Select Another Backup to restore files
  • Right-click on the folder or drive which you wish to recover
  • Click on Restore Previous Versions.

If the above methods did not work or if you did not have a backup you need not worry as all hope is not lost yet. If you are still looking for an effective and reliable method to recover data from your HP laptop hard disk, we highly recommend you use a professional hard drive recovery tool that specializes in 100% hard disk recovery.

Method 3: Recover HP Laptop Data Using A Professional Data Recovery Software

Remo Recover is compatible with all HP Laptop models, including HP Pavilion, HP Envy, HP Elitebook, HP Spectre, HP Prodesk, HP Zbook, HP Spectre X360, HP Mini Recovery, HP Chromebook, HP Probook, HP Omen, and HP Victus. Download this tool now and perform hassle-free HP Laptop recovery.

Steps To Perform Hp Laptop Recovery Using Remo Recover

  • Download and install Remo Recover software on your system to recover data from your HP Laptop hard drive.
  • Once you have installed and launched the software, select the HP laptop hard drive and hit the Scan button.
  • click-on-corrupt-drive

  • Once the scanning process starts, you can click on the Dynamic Recovery View to recover lost files from your HP laptop during the scanning process.
  • scanning-process

  • After completion of the scanning process, a list of recovered files from your HP laptop is displayed under the Lost and Found folder or Lost Partition folder.
  • listed-recovered-data-from-hard-drive

  • You can double-click on any file to Preview the recovered files such as documents, PPTs, excel sheets, photos, videos, etc.
  • preview-recovered-data-from-hard-drive

  • If you are satisfied with the recovery process select the files you want to restore and click on the Recover button to save the files in your preferred location.
  • save-in-desired-location

Note: Do not save your recovered data from laptop hard drive on the same drive, save it on another location or storage device.

While Remo Recover does prove to be a solid solution to recover files from your hard disk. It is always better to prevent you from ending up in such a situation once again. Given below are a few precautions that you could follow to protect your HP laptop from data loss scenarios in the future-

Precautions to prevent data loss on your HP laptop

  1. Human error - Human errors such as accidentally deleting files or spilling a drink over your system are hard to avoid. The best we can do is make a conscious effort to be mindful of our HP systems.
  2. Avoid sudden interruptions- Sudden interruptions when the system is still in use could cause you to lose data. So make sure that your laptop is always plugged in and avoid disconnecting your external storage devices without safely ejecting.
  3. Keep your system clean- Since your hard disk has several moving parts, even something as small as dust could leave your hard disk with several scratches. The accumulation of dust could also prove to be a dangerous fire hazard.

Having data loss on your HP Laptop is a situation no one wants to be in. Irrespective of how hard the problem is, knowing how to solve the issue always makes the process easier. We hope that this article was able to shed some light on the solutions that you were in search of. Knowing the devastating effects data loss from HP Laptops can have (especially if it is work-related), it is always recommended to maintain a backup of your important data be it on the cloud or on a physical storage device.

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