Recover Files from Inaccessible Partition

Recover files from inaccessible partition

Hard disk drive is a storage device which you use for storing your valuable files. To facilitate storing of files, a hard drive is divided into several logical drives which are commonly called partition. You can allocate each partition for a particular type of files. This would make it easy for you to access the files. For instance, with the help of partitions you can separate system files from other files. This helps to avoid confusion.

To access a partition, you need to click on it. It opens up to show your folders and files. If a click on a partition throws up an error message, it means the partition has encountered a problem. This error denies you access to the partition and the partition is then said to be inaccessible. To get access to your files and folders from the inaccessible partition, you need a partition recovery tool. Built with advanced algorithms, these tools find their way into the inaccessible partition and pull out the data.

Remo Software:

As a data recovery developer, Remo Recover is a trusted name in the Industry. Remo’s Pro Edition for Windows and Macintosh help to get back data from formatted, deleted, inaccessible, or missing partitions. While recovering data from an older file system the application ignores the existing file system. In case of data recovery from lost partitions, the software first finds out the lost partition and then initiates a scan to recover the missing data. The application is easy to use and restores data in moments.  The company also has a wide variety of other utility products.

How to use Remo Software to make your partition accessible?

When your hard drive partition is inaccessible you can make use of efficient applications like Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) Pro Edition. First download the software from website and install the utility in your computer. Then run the software and click on ‘Recover Partitions / Drives’. Once the inaccessible partition is found, you can select it and click on next to carry out a second scan for lost data. Once the data is populated you can save it in a partition of your choice.

Why do we partition our hard drive?

We partition our hard disk drive for different reasons, like

  • To install multiple operating systems on the same hard drive.
  • Partition will be customized to different requirements, like allowing the partition to be read-only to protect the files. If partition becomes inaccessible that doesn’t affect the files.
  • To customize your files like text, music, video, image files on different partitions.
  • To defragment your OS drive that maximizes the system performance.

When does partition becomes inaccessible?

A partition may be rendered inaccessible for several reasons. Virus infection is one such reason. When there is no antivirus or an outdated antivirus application is unable to detect threats, chances of a virus attack run high. A virus attack leads to file system collapse, which in turn corrupts the partition. Other probable reasons include abrupt turning off of your PC, disk failure, bad sector on hard drive etc.

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