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USB File Recovery

“USB” A reward for collaborated effort by a hepta headed companies by the year 1994. At first the technology is developed with intent to transfer data between devices. As the days passed where the size of the storage drives evolved by SSD technology, the USB is embedded with the storage using controllers. These USB devices size ranges from few MB’s to TB’s. That can store a large volume of files over a variety of operating systems. Storing and retrieving files from is same as the file operations in a PC.

Though these file operations are similar, there are some loop holes too. Such as the file loss problems. These problems can be avoided as well as solved by using efficient software and preliminary measures. The precautionary measures are to prevent ourselves from being taken away from the data inside the USB drives. The software helps to restore files from the data loss disinter. One of the best tools that efficiently recover all the deleted / lost files from USB drives is Remo Recover.

Some frequently occurring issues:

Deleted Files: In common, people will delete the files that are unwanted or weary stuffs. As these files may look unwanted at time and it may be needed sometimes in a due course.

File Deletion / loss through file operations: At times people may move file from in and out of PC and USB devices. Since both the peripherals use variant clocks there are chances of file deletion or loss.

Formatted drives: Formatting a drive is also a common thing but when USB drives are formatted available files will be erased on the whole. Sometimes a few or more essential may slip and gets formatted in it.

File ridden via physical damages: These are damages that cannot be wind back, because if the internal parts are damaged then the files will be lost forever.

File deletion due to third party application: Some third party software can misuse or delete your files in USB device either intentionally or unintentionally. For e.g. file deletion by antivirus software while scanning.

To be specified more clearly consider that you are using a USB device for backing up your official documents that contains some macros programs embedded inside. Always documents embedded with macros programs are considered as potential threats by antivirus programs. If you have set your antivirus setting to quarantine or deny the detected threats, then your data will be safe for some times. Incase if you set the settings in a way to delete threats then the file will be deleted without your intent.

Now its time for the recovery software to do its job. Our product restores files from USB devices without any trouble. Actually it is read only software, so the data available in the USB devices won’t be harmed further. This assures your data inside the USB drive will be safe in your hands. When a file inside an USB drive is deleted / lost only the index pointers pointing the actual data will be cleared. This will halt access to those files further. It’s like tearing the index content of a book. The Remo Recover tool will rebuild the index based on the available actual data files in reverse process. So that the user and their needed files are reunited.

Some preliminary measures that could save you from the USB file loss disaster are:

  • Always have a secondary backup of the pen drive files.
  • Try to store files of unique signatures and uncommon file formats in ZIP or RAR format. So that the third party programs cannot penetrate through that.

The features that kept us top always are:

  • The agile mechanism that restores deleted / lost files from USB devices within no time and in just a very few clicks.
  • It helps to recover any kind of files from USB drive, such as Word file, PPT, ZIP file, etc. Even, it performs Excel file recovery from Windows 7, Windows 8 and other Windows OS versions.
  • This tool can retrieve all kinds of files from a ample variety of widely used USB drives such as pen drives, flash drives, memory cards etc.
  • It can also restore files from formatted and file system converted USB drives.
  • The recovered files can be stored in any drives either a local drive or a drive over the network or even an optical drive say CD/DVD.

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Some needed steps to recover:

  • Download Remo Recover from here
  • Install it
  • Open it and in the main window choose “Recover deleted file” or “Recover lost files” option based on your needsFigure 2
  • Select the USB drive and start the scanning process.Figure 3
  • Check boxes the recovered files and save the session.Figure 7
  • Now if you feel that the software is worth paying, purchase the software and start extracting the recovered files from the saved sessions.Figure 8

Note: Avoid using a drive wipe or drive defragment process on an USB device that requires file restoration. The drives wipe and defragment process rewrites the internal memory structure. If the internal memory is restructured then the files cannot be recovered forever.

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