Sure-shot Way of Recovering Files Lost During Transfer Or Move | Windows and Mac

Are you looking for a solution to recover lost files while moving from one location to another or from one device to another? Then, I have a solution for your problem. Make use of a specialist lost file recovery tool - Remo File Recovery tool. Rigorously tested under 1000+ scenarios by millions of Windows and Mac users to recover more than 500 types of files from 1000+ devices.

Written by John Harris / Updated on May 19, 2023

“I was cleaning up My Desktop by moving the folders containing pictures and files to My Documents using drag and drop option. While moving files, all of a sudden my Windows computer stopped, and the file transfer process ended. I even waited for it to respond but it didn't, so I eventually just right-clicked on the folder in the taskbar and clicked Close and then End Now. But after I restarted my PC, the folders that I dragged from the desktop claim to be empty. I have no idea how to recover files lost while moving; any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!” - Alex Harrison

Lost Files While Moving Folders

Losing files during transferring folders from one location to another is a worrisome issue encountered by thousands of Windows and Mac users all over the world. It mainly happens when there is any glitch or the transfer is interrupted by sudden system shut down or abrupt removal of the storage device.

You might have copied files using the Ctrl + C option or Ctrl + X, or you might have just selected files and right-clicked, and selected the Cut option. And when you started the files pasting process, your system got crashed or shut down due to an unexpected power cut. Thereby resulting in permanent loss of data from the original source location as well as the destination folder.

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Is it Possible to Recover Lost Files While Moving Folders? Or Can Moved Files Be Recovered?

The answer is yes, you can easily recover files and folders that were lost after incomplete data transferring process. But you need to make sure the lost files don’t get oversaved by new data. We recommend you stop using your system immediately.

Irrespective of the reason behind incomplete transferring of data or if you cannot find files after moving them to different locations. You can always use backup copies of lost files or use a reliable data recovery software like Remo File Recovery for Windows and Remo File Recovery for Mac if you have permanently lost those files.

Recover Files Lost While Moving from Windows Using Remo

As mentioned earlier, specialized data recovery tools like Remo are built to work in all basic as well as extremely complex data loss scenarios such as accidental file deletion to recovering files after virus attack and all other scenarios in between.
Start recovering lost files while transferring now by downloading the tool.

Download Now For Windows

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover software on Windows or Mac system to recover lost files during transferring to another device or disk.

Step 2: Launch the tool, select the drive from which you have lost files and click the Scan button.

launch the tool to recover the files lost during transfer

Step 3: During the scanning process, click on the Dynamic Recovery View option to preview the files while the recovery is in process.

click on the dynamic recovery view option to preview the recovered files while the recovery is in process

Step 4: Select the file that you want to recover and double-click on it to Preview the recovered file which was lost while moving.

preview the recovered files that were lost during the moving process

Step 5: While the scanning is in progress the software displays all the recovered files from the computer in the Lost and Found folder or Lost Partition folder as and when they are recovered.

recovered files will be listed in the Lost and Found folder or Lost Partition folder

Step 6: Select files that you want to recover and click on the Recover button to save them at any destination of your choice.

save the recovered files

The tool will start restoring files which were lost due to the data transfer interruption process at the selected location. Once completed you can view and use the files.

If you are a Mac user then you need to follow this section to find out how to recover files that were lost during incomplete transfer from Macbook or iMac.

How To Recover Lost Files While Transferring on Mac?

You need to try Remo File Recovery tool for Mac, a best-in-class tool that will assist you in recovering any type of files lost from any internal location as well as any external drive.

Download NowFor Mac

Steps to Recover Moved files Disappeared From Mac Using Remo For Mac

Step 1: Launch the application and from the main screen, click on the Recover Files option.

select recover files option

Step 2: Now you need to choose between Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files option. Since you have lost your files, you are required to select the Recover Lost Files option.

select recover lost files option

Step 3: Select the Drive from where you want to recover the missing files and click on the Next button.

select the drive from where you want to recover lost files during transfer

Step 4: Remo now starts searching for the lost files from the selected drive.

remo recover for mac start scanning the drive to recover files that were lost during file moving process

Step 5: Preview the recovered files which were lost due to incomplete data moving process, by double clicking on any file.

double click on any recovered file to preview them

Step 6: You are now required to select the files or the folders that you want to recover and select a location to save those recovered files.

save the files the remo recover tool has recovered in any location of your choice

Important Tips To Avoid Data Loss While Moving Files:

  • Stop using the storage drive, after you lose data from it while moving files.
  • Use Ctrl + C rather than Ctrl + X.
  • Maintain power back up to avoid an abrupt computer shutdown.
  • Never ever save any new data in the same location, where deleted or lost files were previously saved.
  • In case you ever lose files, always rely on reputed data recovery tools such as Remo.


Here we conclude our long discussion on recovering lost, missing and disappeared files and folders after incomplete file moving or data transferring on Windows and Mac. You need to use a safe and effective tool to get backup your files. I have explained you how to use Remo Recover on Windows as well as Mac. I am sure, by now you have safely recovered missing files. In case, you encountered any issue while using the tool or during the data recovery process.


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