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I had huge collection of AVI files on my Windows system. Some of AVI files were captured at best moments happened in my life. However, recently I have formatted my system blindly due to attactks of more number of virus and malware threats. In addition, these threats were slowed my system performance badly. But, I need those lost avi files back. What should I do? Please suggest any solution to retrieve avi files safely.

This is one of most frustrating situation to lose beloved collection of AVI files from system after formatting it blindly. Now no need to worry about lost AVI files since they are not lost permanently from hard disk. Because, when you format whole hard disk, it erases data by removing its accessing pointer from table by allocating new memory but data resides in hard disk only. The actual thing is just you will loss access to those files. Hence, these files can be easily restored with the assistance of any data recovery application safely.

Nowadays you can browse many data recovery software on internet. But how to judge which is the best one to perform successful AVI file restoration. In addition, applying unfruitful recovery tool to restore avi files may fail to do it properly, then you will loss files permanently.

Which is the best data recovery software to restore my formatted AVI files?

Remo Recover is one of smart and cost worthy application, specially designed to restores AVI files from various storage devices such as hard disk, USB drives, memory cards, external hard disk, iPod, etc. It restores AVI files from any formatted storage devices on various versions of Windows and Mac machines. This tool supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX, HFS+ file system. In addition, it recovers more than 300 file types such as MP4, MP3, WAV, etc.

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How should I judge Remo Recover is best application to restore AVI files?

This is of the most common questions arises in any user while buying any product online. Well, Remo Recover application is also available in demo version. You can use it for testing the product efficiency in recovering files and even you can confirm that application will restore your formatted AVI files. However, after performing recovery process, application allows you to preview all restored files in File Type View and Data View format. In addition, it does not damage your system while performing recovery process since it is read only application and even fully free from virus and malware functions. Hence, by noticing all these feature we can say it is most trustable and effective tool to perform AVI file restoration.

Suggestion: Do not store any data on hard disk or do not use it for any other purpose once you format it and even if you like to restore all lost AVI files. Because they are chances of file overwritten, thus it leads to loss of files permanently from disk.

Remo Recover also restores AVI files

  • When you delete AVI files accidentally
  • When Avi files loss due to interrupted file transfer process
  • When AVI files loss due to inaccessible partition
  • When AVI file are in hidden format due to virus threats

View this video tutorial to get more info on recovery steps:


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