Retrieve Data from Formatted Drive Windows 8

Have you formatted your Windows 8 hard drive? Are you looking to recover the formatted data from your drive? Then refer this page which will let you know you about how to recover data from formatted drive.

The data from the formatted drive can be easily recovered with the help of an appropriate recovery tool. Now you wonder how it is possible when the data is formatted, but there are some hidden facts which are unknown to many computer users.

When the hard drive is formatted, the data does not get removed from the drive, but only the reference of the formatted data gets removed from the drive. So this provides chances for the data recovery software to recover files from the drive. But NOTE that there can be threat to the formatted files, these files which are residing on the drive after format can get overwritten by newly loaded files. Therefore, if this happens then the recovery may be incomplete or it can be impossible sometimes. So avoid loading data on the drive after format is performed.

But many users stuck in the situation: how to recover files from formatted Windows 8 drive. However by utilizing Remo Recover (Windows) you can easily recover the data from formatted drive of Windows 8 in few simple steps.

What is the need to format a drive?

  • When you desire to switch or transform from the currently working OS to another OS then you may have to format the drive
  • There can be a situation where you have to forcefully format the drive in order to access the drive data, one such example may be when file system of drive is corrupted then the drive will sometimes prompt you to format
  • If the drive is severely attacked by virus then it may ruin the normal functionality of the computer, so agitated by this many users try to format the drive in order to get rid of virus
  • Apart from formatting hard drive users also format USB drives, memory cards, iPods and many more gadgets

The above mentioned are the situations where many users commonly use format option, but the data which is residing within drive will get formatted. So before you format make sure there is no important data within the drive. Or take a proper backup of all important files.

Features of Remo Recover (Windows)

  • Remo Hard Drive Recovery software is preferred by most professional experts as it can quickly recover the formatted data from Windows 8 drive
  • This well-known tool can effortlessly recover around 300 types of files including documents, pictures, videos, zip etc.
  • Supports recovery from file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT
  • There is no doubt that this is an advanced software, and hence it can be used by both professional and novice users as this tool provides their users with highly interactive and easy to understand interface which can make the recovery process very simple
  • If you feel any difficulties in using this application, then you can take assistance from our highly trained technical professionals who can help you in solving the problem at any time

Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Drive

The following are the detailed steps for recovering formatted data from Windows 8 hard drive...

  • Download and install the demo version of Remo Recover Software
  • Launch the application, and on the main screen select Recover Partitions
  • Select the formatted drive from where you want to recover the data, after selecting press the Scan buttonFigure 3
  • After successful completion of scanning the program will list you the recovered data with two types of views such as File Type View and Data View as indicated in Figure 3
  • A user can have a preview of the recovered data with just two clicks on the file you wish to verifyFigure 4
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery then you can make use of Save Recovery Session option as spotted in Figure 5 in order to save the scanned information
  • The recovered data from trial version of this program can only be previewed, so if you want to save the recovered data on to your drive then you may have to purchase the software
  • Once you purchase the utility activate it, and then launch it
  • You can save your valuable time by using Open Recovery Session option as shown in Figure 6 to open the previously saved recovery information
  • And once the recovery is complete save the recovered data at any safer locationFigure 6

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