Recover Files from External Hard Drive after Formatting

Files from formatted external hard drive can be recovered easily with the help of Remo Hard Drive Recovery software! The tool supports data recovery on all popular brands of external hard drive such as Seagate, Maxtor, WD, Buffalo, etc.

You might have formatted your external hard drive in order to change file system. In this process, the only mistake you did was that you forgot to backup of your drive before formatting and thus ended up in losing files from it. Similarly, there are other reasons too, where you may opt to format your external drive which results in data loss, such as:

  • You may come across an error message stating that "Drive need to be formatted; Do you want to format it now?" because of which you will format the drive forcefully
  • Accidental formatting the external hard drive, instead of formatting some other drive
  • When the external hard drive gets corrupt due to improper handling or logical errors, then it becomes inaccessible and in order to reuse it, you have to format that device

Likewise, you may also experience some other problems which makes you to format your external hard drive and lose all files on it. But, it doesn't mean that it's gone forever. You can easily get them back. For that you need to make use of Remo Hard Drive recovery tool which helps to recover data from external hard disk in couple of minutes.

Caution- First and foremost thing you have to do in such case is to stop using your external hard drive and act quickly to recover your lost files.

Remo Recovery Tool - Complete Guide to Recover Formatted External Hard Drive

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software initially scans your entire formatted external drive for locating and recovering data from it. The tool will recover different types of files such as documents, audio, video, etc., which includes more than 300 + types of files from formatted external HDD. In addition to recovering files from quick formatted external drive, files from corrupted, inaccessible and failed external drive will be recovered easily with this tool.

The tool helps to recover data from Maxtor, Buffalo, Samsung, Sony, Seagate, Western Digital, HP, Fujitsu, Lexar, Dell, Iomega and other external hard drive brands. It even facilitates you with Disk Image option to recover files from hard drive having bad sectors.

How to Restore Data from Formatted External Hard Disk:

First, connect your formatted external hard drive to the system. Download and install Remo Recover software on that computer. After completion of installation process, launch the software. Now, go through this tutorial to recover data from formatted external HDD

  • From the main screen, select "Recover Partition / Drives" option
  • Then, click on "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to recover data from the formatted external drive.
  • Select the external drive from which you want to recover data and click on "Next" option
  • After completion of scanning process, view recovered data using "Preview" option and save required files to any desired location.

Note: You can also make use of this guide to recover data from formatted internal hard drive, memory card, pen drive, etc.

What are the other benefits of Remo Recover tool:

  • Helps in recovering deleted partition from hard drive and external drive
  • Recovers data from formatted and deleted RAID partition
  • Supports file recovery from various hard drive interfaces like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.
  • Enables file recovery from laptop hard drive of various brands like Asus, Lenovo, HP, Asus, and many more
  • Restores data lost due to partitioning errors which occur due to improper partitioning process
  • Extracts data from reformatted drive or volume in a matter of minutes
  • Retrieves files from formatted devices like internal hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, iPods, FireWire Drives

File lost during transfer process, accidentally deleted files using Shift Delete keys, etc., can also be recovered using Remo Recover tool. Also, the tool will restore back lost files from Windows OS of any latest version (including Windows 10). Whatever may be the causes for losing files from external hard drive, you can get them all back using this recovery software.

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