How to Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Updated on January 06, 2020

Remo Mac Recovery software is integrated with preview window option that allows you to open and check whether the data is rightly recovered on not even without purchasing the software. So without any further due download and try it for free.

One of the highly reported scenarios for Mac data loss is accidentally formatting. Sometimes, Mac OS pops up a notification asking you to format the drive. Accidentally you might click on ok and format the drive without taking the backup. In some scenarios you might select the wrong drive to format. Similarly, there might be various other reasons resulting in formatting of Mac drive that result in data loss.

It might be selecting a wrong drive or forgetting to backup all the files before formatting, once you format hard drive on Mac you will lose all the data stored on the hard drive. Fortunately, you can still recover files that are lost after formatting a hard drive on Mac . The highly preferred and suggested method is using a Mac formatted hard drive recovery software.

Two major reasons why Mac Formatted recovery tool is highly preferred:

  1. The Mac formatted hard drive recovery tool is designed with a simple user interface, even a novice user can easily recover the formatted Mac Drive.
  2. Mac recovery tool’s advanced recovery algorithms will ensure that all the files are successfully recovered.

For further explanation on technicality and how it is possible to recover data even after formatting a drive on Mac please refer to the next section of the article.

What happens when you Format a Mac Hard Drive

Every drive has an internal index that has information about the existing data or files. Formatting a hard drive will erase the old index and create a new index. Since, newly created index will not be having any information about the existing data, the operating system will fail to display the files that exist on the formatted Mac hard drive.

The only way you can access those storage sectors is using Data recovery software. Remo is one of the professionally trusted and tested software to recover data from the hard drive. In the next section of the article you can find how to recover formatted Mac hard drive.

How to Recover data from Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Download and install Remo Hard drive recovery software on your Mac to recover data from hard drive formatted on Mac.

Caution: Do not install the Remo Mac Recovery software on the same hard drive you formatted. It will overwrite the recoverable data and permanently erase it.

Step 1 Launch the Mac formatted hard drive recovery:

Launch the application and select the Recovery Volumes and Drives option from the home screen. In the next screen you will find two more options in both the options select "Recover Formatted and Reformatted Recovery" option to recover formatted hard drive on Mac.recovering formatted mac hard drive using recovery tool

Step 2 Scan and Recover accidentally formatted Mac hard drive:

To recover data from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive select the drive and click on next. In the next screen formatted hard drive recovery software will provide the user the flexibility of recovering specific file type or define custom file type. After defining the file type, click on Next to initiate the scan process. After scanning the drive, all the recovered data from the formatted Mac hard drive will be displayed on the recovery window.selecting file type wile recovering accidentally formatted mac drive

Step 3 Save the recovered data from Mac hard drive:

From here, you can open the recovered files using Preview option and check the status of the recovered files. Once you have confirmed that all the files are rightly recovered, select the files and click on save to complete the formatted Mac hard drive recovery.recovered data from formatted mac hard drive

Features of Remo Formatted Hard Drive Recovery for Mac

Catalina Ready

To support the never ending updates, Remo Recover for Mac is always kept upto date and provides timely free of cost updates. At the same time this tool also supports older versions of Mac OS such as Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra.

Supports all File systems

APFS, HFS, HFS+ no matter what file system your hard drive is formatted, Remo Mac formatted hard drive recovery tool can extract the data from it. Not only the Apple file systems if you have any NTFS, FAT32 or ExFAT formatted storage drives still you can recover them on Mac no need of Windows computer.

Advanced Scan Option

There might be a few severe data loss scenarios where data recovery might be a little complicated and normally scanning a drive is not enough. To assist you in such scenarios, Remo Mac Data recovery tool is integrated with advanced scan option. In advanced scan mode the scan algorithms will scrutinize each and every storage sector for data signatures and recover files from them.


Inshort when a drive is formatted the data is not completely erased instead it creates a new MBR resulting in inaccessible or hidden data. The only way to access that data is through a Mac Formatted hard drive recovery software.

Designed and developed with minimalistic user interface Remo Recover is one of the highly reviewed and preferred tool among the users. Integrated with a preview window option user can confirm that the data is properly recovered even before purchasing the product.

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