How to Restore Partition on USB Drive?

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“I have lost entire data from my USB flash drive due to format, this took place when an unexpected error popped up due to which it forced me to format the drive in order to use the drive. No doubt it allowed me to use the drive after format but all the data within the drive was vanished. Therefore can anyone tell me the right solution which can ease me to recover all the data without any difficulty?”

Once the data which is stored on to USB flash drive is lost then this will make you much frustrated. However, no need to worry because by making use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) utility you can easily recover formatted partition on USB flash drive within minutes. Moreover, the annoying error which forced you to format the drive was due to file system damage and there are many reasons behind file system damage which are as mentioned below.

  • File system damage can ruin the operation of USB flash drive thus in order to reuse the drive you have to format it. However the major reason behind file system getting damaged is due to harmful virus intrusion into your drive. Once virus is intruded into the drive it not only corrupts the data but also damages the file system
  • Improper usage of USB flash drive is another reason which deeply damages the file system. Commonly performed improper usage is abrupt ejection of drive when there is certain operation under progress
  • When file system conversion is performed by making use of untrusted third party utility then there are chances that the file system may get damaged due to improper conversion from program

These are some of the commonly faced scenarios which leads to formatting of the USB flash drive and results in data loss, but there is no need to worry, Remo Recover software will help you to perform USB flash drive data recovery with utmost ease.

Distinguished features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • By making use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) utility you can effortlessly recover various kinds of files such as video files, audio files, archives, documents etc.
  • This tool can be easily installed on foremost operating system of both Mac and Windows OS (Including Windows 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite)
  • It has the ability to recover lost NTFS file system without any trouble, moreover supports recovery from other file system such as FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and many other
  • It helps you to have preview on the recovered data, this can be achieved by utilizing “Preview” option
  • User interface used in this utility is very simple to understand therefore by this interface user who has less knowledge in computer can also accomplish the task without any difficulty
  • Recovered data can be compressed to save the drive space and also allows you to burn/write recovered data onto CD/DVD
  • Apart from USB flash drive you can also recover lost data from other storage devices such as external hard disk, memory card, iPod, FireWire devices etc.

Watch the video to know complete steps of recovery

Precautionary measures to safeguard your data

  • Make use of good anti-virus utility to safe guard your data
  • Do not attach your USB drive to infected computer as it can corrupt the data which is within the drive
  • Prevent abrupt rejection of USB drive when it is use  

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