How to Recover Files from iPod on Mac

Guide to Restore Files from iPod on Mac

Oh No! I lost all my data from my iPod! Can I get them back??

Yes, you can easily recover all your iPod data on Mac unless your data is overwritten! First stop worrying and do not use your iPod or its card any more. Doing this will erase your iPod files forever beyond recovery. As we all know iPods are one of the amazing inventions of Apple Inc. that too for those music lovers. Now, the newer versions even allow you to watch videos on it. Its portability features lets you listen to your favorite music wherever you go. Due to these user-friendly features, people might store all their favorite data on it. But due to some unavoidable situations there are chances of losing all your data from these iPods.

Yes it's true, even these iPod like any other devices are prone to data loss. But however, this is just temporary loss and the files are still recoverable. With the help of the best Picture Recovery software for Mac designed by Remo software you can easily recover iPod on Mac in just a couple of minutes.

Causes for the loss of iPod data

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidentally deleting your vital music files, photos or videos from your iPod or deleting the entire music collection by using the "Delete all" option from the menu on the iPod.
  • Formatting: This is the most commonly encountered causes for iPod data loss. you might format your iPod accidentally, to remove virus infections or to get rid of format errors to access your data on your Mac machines. In these cases if you do not have the data backup you will lose all your data
  • Restore: When you restore your iPod to its factory settings, it gets reset to its original settings. This process also erases all your media files that are stored in the iPod on the Mac machine.
  • Sync Error: All the media files that are present in the iPod are managed by iTunes. But in some situations your iPod data might get lost while synchronizing the data with iTunes on Mac.
  • iPod Corruption: iPod can get corrupt when you disconnect the iPod improperly i.e. without using the 'Safely Remove Peripherals' option when connected to your Mac. This will cause loss of your vital files on iPod.

Remo Photo Recovery Tool for Mac - For Recovering iPod on Mac :

Remo Recover (Mac) is an excellent utility that helps you to recover your entire iPod data on Mac machines. In all the above explained situations, Remo Recover (Mac) is an excellent utility that can easily restore your lost or deleted iPod data successfully. It can be your music files, image files or video files, of any format like MP3, MP4, JPG, MPEG and others formats from your iPods on Mac machines. The utility can effortlessly restore files from any iPod device like iPod Shuffle, Mini, Classic, Nano etc. Moreover, with the assistance of this excellent application you can easily carry out iPod photo recovery in a matter of minutes. To know more about this click on given link..

In addition, the utility is compatible on all available versions of Mac OS X such as Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and other Mac OS X versions. Also, the tool comes handy to restore files from formatted iPod. Not just iPod, it even helps to restore files from formatted hard drive, memory card, pen drive, etc., in matter of minutes.

Easy Tutorial to Recover iPod Data on Mac

  • Download and install Remo Mac Photo Recovery tool on your Mac system
  • Connect your iPod device to system where you have installed the software
  • Now, launch the software and click on Recover Photos option
  • In the next window, select either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos option
  • Next, choose your iPod device and click Next to begin the scanning process
  • After completion of the scanning process, it displays list of recoverable files
  • Select and save them in any location of your choice

Why should one prefer Remo Recover (Mac)?

  • Easy-to-use interface that provides on-screen instructions
  • Displays all recovered files in a Mac-finder styled interface
  • Possess the ability to identify and find the particular file type with the file's unique signature
  • Provides excellent options to avoid rescanning of the device if using trial version
  • Trial version the utility is available for free that allows you to preview the outcome before purchasing

Important Note:

With trial version you can only preview the files, if you want to save them you will have to purchase the software license key.

Watch out the video for Complete Mac iPod data Recovery procedure:


  • Do not save the recovered files on the same drive use other healthy drives
  • Do not remove the iPod from your Mac abruptly
  • Take regular backups of all your iPod data on any external storage device
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