Recover iPod Shuffle after Format

Recently I had purchased iPod Shuffle and stored number of beloved music into it. However, I never used iPod device before and even not knowing properly that how to use it. One day I accidentally pressed format option while browsing all options to know about it properly and meanwhile lost my beloved music files. Can anyone give a solution to restore all lost music files?

This problem will face by every user if he/she is new to iPod Shuffle. In case you also faced same situation and lost data from iPod Shuffle then no need to worry now, because how technology emerging in providing a features to user to meet their requirement, same way it is providing solutions to problems are facing by users. Data is still resides in the iPod Shuffle, even after formatting. Remo Recover application is one of the professional data recovery software that is specially designed for recovering of data from iPod on both Mac and Windows machines in simple way and even makes recovery process easy for user by providing simple user interface.

What makes your iPod Shuffle gets formatted?

Suppose you are new to iPod Shuffle and do not know many options provided in it. In this case, many users wish to check all options provided in it but while checking options if accidentally click on format option and agrees for formatting it, then obviously, you will lose all data stored on it.

Consider another scenario in that you wish to copy some music files from other source. In such situation, you will synchronize your iPod device to PC or Laptop via USB cable. If that PC or Laptop is infected by virus and malware affects, then these threats easily spread into your iPod and start corrupting files. In such event if you store any another fresh files on it then those files also gets corrupt and slows your iPod performance. Due to this consequence, you may decide to format all data stored on it and scan thoroughly with updated antivirus tool. Anyhow, finally you end up with loss of data from your iPod Shuffle device.

Whenever you lose your beloved music files and other data stuff from iPod Shuffle after formatting and you wish to get back those lost data then use efficient tool like Remo Recover application that performs quick data recovery from iPod and don't misses a single file from it. You can also employ this tool to recover lost iPod videos in few simple steps.

Remo Recover application supports other data loss scenarios are

  • Recovers data from iPod Shuffle when it becomes inaccessible when you synchronize with infected PC or Laptop
  • It will recover photos that are accidentally deleted
  • Also gets back data when iPod faces faulty firmware errors
  • Recovers data when users opt for restore option in iPod

Do and Don't with iPod Shuffle

  • Do not provide a chance to synchronize your iPod device with virus and malware infected PC or Laptop
  • Practice best usage of iPod device
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus tool
  • Whenever you synchronize device with PC or Laptop eject device with safe remove option only
  • Before transferring any files to your device, make sure that it is free from virus threats

Note: Whenever you lose data from iPod Shuffle device and wish to recover them, in such case don't use device further and don't store any data into it because lost data gets overwritten by new files and reduces chances of recovering those lost files.

Click on the given link to recover lost music from Apple iPod.

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