iTunes Library Recovery from iPod Nano

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Recovery of iTunes Library from iPod Nano in few clicks

In this present competitive world, individuals won't find time to relax themselves due to work related pressure. So, most of them prefer to listen music whenever they get leisure period in between the working hours or during travelling. One of the best mode to carry their favorite music with them without any difficulty by utilizing portable media player like iPod Nano. As said, it is a media player developed by Apple Inc. for storing music files, videos along with pictures. In order to save all your music and video files, iPod Nano comprises a media library called iTunes for managing all those files accurately.

You find two types of files in iTunes like such as iTunes library.xml and iTunes library.itl. iTunes library.xml file contains music and playlists available for all the application and iTunes library.itl is a file containing songs and playlists recorded by us. The recent version of iPod Nano is its seventh generation media player which is capable of playing both music and video files. Another best part of this iPod Nano is we can even store photos. We come across many iPod versions developed by Apple Inc like Apple Shuffle, Apple Classic, Apple Touch and so on.

Most of the iPod Nano users will spend their precious time for resetting or recreating their media player for storing favorite music, video files or photo files. In such cases, when they suddenly won't find those files on their iPod Nano due to some unknown circumstances is one of the distressing instances. When you come across such scenarios, relax!!! You can restore iTunes library from iPod Nano with the help of reliable media recovery software known as Remo Recover.

Here is one simple example where iTunes library will be erased due to incorrect upgradation. Sometimes, when iPod Nano is connected to your system you will get updated versions of iTunes library with advanced features, technologies. If this process is not performed in appropriate way, iPod Nano will hang or freezes very frequently. To overcome this issue, we go for factory setting. It is process performed on iPod Nano to bring back it to original state i.e. entire files present in it will be erased. Likewise we find plenty reasons responsible for deletion/loss of files from iTunes library from iPod Nano. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Unintentional Deletion When iPod Nano reaches its maximum level, then older files will be deleted to make some free space. In such situation, unintentionally selecting vital files rather undesired one is major reason for deletion
  • Corrupt iTunes Library iTunes library gets corrupted due to installation of faulty application, inappropriate termination of computer during file sharing process and so on. Hence, iTunes library on iPod cannot be accessed
  • Accidental Formatting When iPod Nano is connected to your computer for file transfer process, you might accidentally format storage media of iPod Nano i.e. iTunes library instead of other drive that results in loss of music, video or photo loss
  • Other Reasons - Virus attack, software clashes, improper transfer process, system crash, iTunes malfunctioning and so on

Useful tips:

  • iPod Nano should be handled with care i.e. do not abruptly remove or insert it
  • Regularly scan your iPod Nano utilizing updated antivirus software to keep it away from malware infections
  • Before deleting files or formatting your iPod Nano, ensure that files are not required in future
  • Do not connect your iPod Nano to any unsecured / infected devices
  • Maintain regular backup of vital files in any virus free storage device or drive

Why Remo Recover for restoring iTunes Library from iPod Nano?

It is one of the safe, secured, reliable recovery tool that ensures 100% data recovery rate both on Windows and Mac operating systems. One of the non destructive tool that will not modify the original file which is utilized for restoring iTunes library from iPod Nano during scanning process. This software is designed with user friendly GUI interface i.e. each step is explains in simple descriptive way to help all kinds of user to recover video files from iPod Nano and other iPod versions. No extra space is required for installation process, nominal disk memory is enough.

Other prominent features of Remo Recover software

  • Recovers music files lost due to synchronization errors, deleted using shift + delete commands and many more up to 111 media formats from iPod like mp3, mp4, WAV, MPG etc. effectively
  • Also helps to recover photos, videos and RAW images which are deleted or lost
  • Supports different models of iPod's like iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini etc. for recovering iTunes library
  • After scanning process, recovered files can be previewed before storing them on your system
  • Facilitates an option to save your recovered music, video, photo files in any storage device or CD/DVD
  • Demo version can be downloaded by users to check the efficiency of software in advance before purchasing the paid version
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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