Recover JPG Files from Corrupted SD Card

SD Card JPG File Recovery

SD- secure digital is a memory card that offers memory space to store data such as pictures, documents, video, audio, etc. Its memory space various from 512 MBto 32 GB. This SD card is mostly used as storage device in Smartphone, camera, iPod, tablets, etc to store data. However, storing any essential data including JPG files is not so secure because SD card may easily attack by virus attacks thus leads to SD card corruption. Once memory card is corrupted severely then you are unable to access data stored on it and you will end up with huge data loss.

How do I recover JPG files from corrupted SD card?

Recovering JPG file from corrupted SD card manually is a difficult task because when card is corrupted severely, its file system gets damage and do not allow you to access data from it. But you can recover JPG file with the use of third party photo recovery application like Remo Recover. This application scans your corrupted SD card in deep to locate all lost JPG files efficiently. Apart from JPG files, you can restore documents, videos, audio, etc from various types of corrupted SD card on both Windows and Mac machine in simple steps.

What are the possible reasons behind SD card corruption?

  • Virus attacks: Most users connect their SD card to system to backup their collection of photos, videos, etc when their SD card is running out of memory space. But if that system is contaminated with virus and other malware threats then these are easily transmitted to SD card and starts corrupting files. Later, SD card become inaccessible when it is corrupted severely.
  • Improper use of SD card:  Even SD card gets corrupt when you eject improperly from connected system or laptop without using safe remove option. In addition, abruptly ejecting SD card from Smartphone without switching off it will also results in SD card corruption.

Apart from above mentioned reasons SD card JPG file loss happens due to accidental deletion, formatting SD card, interrupting file transfer process, file system error, etc. However, whatever a reasons behind SD card JPG file loss, no need to worry because it can be easily restored with the assistance of Remo Recover application in few steps. In addition, you can use this tool to recover MP3 files from corrupt CF card easily. Click on link to know more....

Caution: Do not attempt to access SD card that is corrupted severely due to any reasons. If you wish to restore your JPG file then avoid using it for any purpose.

Other advantages of Remo Recover application

  • Restores JPEG, PNG, TIFF and other file type of picture from memory card
  • Your jpg and jpeg files are easily recovered from various brands of memory card such as Kingston, Sony, etc
  • Supports recovery of JPG files from SD card on both Windows and Mac OS
  • Recovers JPG files from SDHX, SDHC, XD cards, MMC cards, USB drives, hard disk, etc
  • Provides demo version of this product to test recovery results prior to purchasing full version
  • User friendly graphical interface that helps all user to furnish successful recovery results
  • Facilitates free customer support for 24*7 hours via email and live chat applications

Watch the below video guide for complete recovery of JPG file from corrupted SD card

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