Recover lost BMP files

Get back your lost BMP file

The BMP file format or Windows bitmap handles graphics files within the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Typically, BMP files are uncompressed, hence they are undoubtedly large. The advantage is their simplicity, wide acceptance, and compatibility with Windows programs. The files contain all the details of the graphic image, and hence losing them may equal a disaster. Redesigning from scratch is not an easy task to do. So, what is your take on such a situation? Must be definitely confused and worried!

But do not worry; I am there to help you. Try our software, Remo Recover which has crossed many records in recover media files, in this case BMP files. BMP files need to be taken special care of because it may contain a lot of important elements. Therefore, our software is the best as it contains all the necessary modules required to efficiently retrieve BMP files. Before knowing about our product, it is trivial for you to know how bmp files may be lost.


Deletion by mistake: You may accidentally delete bmp pictures by using "Delete" / "Shift + Delete" keys on your computer, or from camera by pressing "Delete All" button while previewing the pictures or you may empty the Recycle bin / Trash by mistake.

Memory card malfunction: Improper removal of Memory cards from system or camera may lead to loss of BMP files.

Formatting: You may accidentally format the memory card, partitions or hard drive causing data loss.

Interrupted processes: Ejecting or suddenly pulling out the card / device whiler transferring files may also cause data loss

Virus attack: Virus attack could lead to loss of pictures from various storage media.

Remo Recover - Media

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) - Media Edition is the most reliable application that can be used to recover BMP files. It contains modern techniques which help in fast and lossless recovery. It supports recovery of missing bmp pictures from FAT, NTFS, ExFAT and ReFS file system in Windows and even from Mac file systems as HFS, HFS+ and HFSX. It supports all popular hard drives, flash drives and memory cards like Transcend, Kingston, Seagate, WD, HP and so on.

Additional characteristics:

  • This tool also supports recovery of other picture file formats such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc
  • You can also find missing raw photo file types like RAW, 3FR, X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF which are used by all popular digital cameras nowadays
  • In addition, user can retrieve video and audio file formats from all types of devices using this application

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do backup your files at regular intervals, so that you can handle loss scenarios
  • Keep your anti-virus definitions up-to-date to prevent virus infections
  • Stop using the device immediately once you encounter any loss
  • Do not install the program to the same drive where you lost files
  • Also save the recovered files to a fresh destination

Steps to recover:

  • Download the tool
  • Install it
  • Run and select “Recover Photos”
  • Next “Recover Lost Photos”
  • Select the drive and click next
  • Select file type as .bmp
  • Recovered files are displayed
  • Select the required files and save them

NOTE: There are also options for File Preview and Saving Session

Refer the video tutorial for detailed explanation

For Windows OS :

For Mac OS:

One click here to recover PNG images from your computer.

Conclusion: Gone are the days when you could do nothing else other than crying over the loss when you lost your BMP files. Technology has made such advancement that with the continuous effort of our engineers, it has been possible to recover lost photos using Recovery software. Recovery software is a result of years of hard work, and seldom fails in its job.

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Safe and Secure
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