Find Lost FAT32 Partition

Can I recover my data from lost FAT32 partition?

Partitions that are formatted with the FAT 32 (File Allocation Table) file system are all referred as FAT32 partition. This type of partitions were mainly found on all the external storage devices like pen drives, flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks, iPods and many others. It was designed to overcome the limitations of the previous file system, and also included many features to provide complete data security.

However, even these FAT32 partitions are prone to get lost under some inevitable circumstances. This would land you in disastrous situations. Consider you are trying to create a new partition on your hard drive. You will need extra space for creating your NTFS partition on the same hard drive. For this, you will have to shrink the existing FAT32 partition and hence perform the same. After completion you restart your PC, but you will be shocked see that you will not be able to find your FAT32 partition on your hard drive however, your newly created NTFS partition is working fine. This is really a very distressing situation and you will be left worried about what went wrong?

You might have opted the wrong option or maybe you deleted the partition table entry unknowingly while resizing the partitions. This might have led to the loss of FAT 32 partition in turn the entire data on it. So, at this situation what can be done to get your lost data back? Stop worrying!! Here you have a best tool called Remo Recover software that can easily recover lost FAT32 partition and extract your data from it successfully.

Common scenarios that cause Partition loss

  • If the Disk management utility that is used to create partition, enlarge partition, and shrink partition etc. is become faulty, FAT32 partition might go missing
  • Presence of excessive bad sectors could cause damage to the partition table entries that results in loss of your partitions
  • Improper partitioning of the hard drive will all lead to FAT32 partition loss
  • And also your FAT32 partition might get disappeared due to several circumstances like undetected partition, severe virus infection and many others

In all the above mentioned scenarios your FAT32 partitions would go missing. Nevertheless, this advanced Remo Recover (Windows) utility can easily locate your lost FAT 32 partition and retrieve your entire data from it.

How Remo Recover can help you out?

Remo Recover (Windows) software is a robust utility that is designed with the powerful scanning algorithms, to perform this recovery. With the help of these programs, the tool can completely scan your hard drive to find and locate your partitions present on the hard drive. It then extracts the complete data present on your FAT32 partition. The entire process will just need a couple of minutes and your data from the FAT32 partition will be back on your computer. Also, with the help of this tool external HDD partitions are recovered with ease as this utility scans the entire drive sector by sector and locates all partitions. In case of bad sectored drives, it creates the exact replica of your external hard drive using “create disk image” option by skipping bad sectors and recovers the data. This software also recovers Windows 7 partitions after deletion with utmost ease. Some of the other exciting features of this utility are:

  • Can not only restore lost FAT32 partitions, but can also recover deleted, inaccessible and even restore data from corrupt partitions
  • In addition to FAT 32, the utility even supports recovery of FAT16, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT partitions successfully
  • Has the ability to sort the recovered files based on the name, date of creation, extension etc.
  • Offers free evaluation copy to evaluate its performance before purchasing the tool

Guide to Recover Lost FAT32 Partition:

Download Remo Recover software and install it on your computer. Launch the tool. To recover lost FAT32 partition data, select Recover Drives option from main screen. Then choose Partition Recovery option in the next screen. Then select the drive from where you want to restore data and click on Next option. After scanning is completed, the recovered data will be listed out. Preview and save the retrieved files at any preferred location.

Remo Recover is an excellent utility, which can also recover the partitions from external hard drives. Even when you want to perform Toshiba Canvio deleted partition recovery and get back your entire data from these Toshiba Canvio external hard drives, use can undoubtedly utilize this utility.

For better understanding, just watch the video guide provided:



Points to Note:

If you are using the Trial version, then you cannot save the files, but can preview them. To save the recovered files you have to purchase the full version of the tool. Also, don’t save the recovered files on the same drive from where you recovered. Use a healthy drive to save the files.

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