How to Restore Lost Files

Get back lost files from PC, laptop, memory card, etc in just few clicks with the help of Remo File Recovery software. The tool restores missing or deleted files too, in an easy way!! Download Now!!

Losing files from your desktop, laptop, memory card, pen drive is quite common. Your files might get lost while they are in transfer, if a drive / partition is formatted accidentally, etc. The lost file could contain important business information, or other confidential data. So you cannot afford to lose important files.

So is recovering lost files possible?

Once you lose files from your PC, laptop, memory card, or other device, do not think that the files are permanently lost. The files still remain in the drive itself. To restore lost data, there is an easy solution – Remo Recover software. This File Recovery tool quickly gets back lost files with ease. With its user-friendly interface, even a new user can go about the recovery process without any difficulty.

Restore Lost Files using Remo Recover:

Get back lost files quickly by using Remo File Recovery tool. The software does thorough scanning of the entire drive to look for the lost files and recovers them in just a short while. Different types of files like PDF docs, Spreadsheets, Word documents, Presentation files, and many other will be retrieved. Remo Recover application also helps to restore deleted data apart from lost file recovery. Remo Recover restores data from hard disks, iPods, flash memory cards, external USB drives, and so on.

Guide to Retrieve Lost files:

  • Download and install Remo Recover software on your system
  • Launch the software. If you have to recover files from external drive like pen drive, memory card, etc, then connect the device to the system
  • On the main screen, select Recover Files option
  • Select the drive from which you have to recover files and click on Scan to initiate scanning
  • Once scanning is completed, a list of recovered files is displayed
  • Preview the files and save them on a location of your choice

It is also capable of recovering data after reinstalling Windows. The application helps to restore windows 8 missing files. You can even make use of this uility to restore files from Windows 10, Windows 7 and other Windows OS versin.

Note: Whenever data has been lost from your storage drive stop using the device immediately, since adding new files to the drive will overwrite existing data making recovery difficult.

Some Causes for Losing Files:

  • Abrupt ejection of storage device from the system when files are in transfer
  • Emptying Recycle Bin without checking its contents
  • File system corruption of the drive

There are many other reasons too for losing files from your storage device. Under all such situations Remo Recover software comes in handy to quickly get back lost files. The tool also comes with a “Save Recovery Session” feature to resume the recovery process at a later time due to which the drive need not be scanned again.

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