Retrieve Missing Data on El Capitan

Data loss from Mac OS El Capitan can be easily tackled using advanced data recovery software, Remo Recover!! The deep scanning mechanism of the tool helps you with faster and easier data recovery process!!

Situations may arise where you may end up with data loss from Mac OS X El Capitan due to accidental deletion of files or formatting the Mac volumes without taking proper backup. You might think of recovering them using some usual methods like going to trash folder and recovering back the files. But what would you do if you have emptied the trash folder or formatted the volume? At such instances you may think that the file loss is permanent and file recovery is quite impossible. You might have come to that conclusion since the lost files may not leave any trace in your system memory. But this situation can be handled using Remo File Recovery software for Mac.

Retrieve back your lost files from El Capitan using Remo Recover

Remo Recover software has been developed and designed with advanced data recovery algorithms. The working methodology of the software involves in scanning the complete volume or drive from where the data loss has occurred and retrieve data from it. Even, deleted data from El Capitan will be recovered easily with the help of this software. Not just El Capitan, the tool recovers data from other versions of Mac OS X.

Simple Guide to Perform Lost File Recovery on El Capitan…

  • Download and install Remo Mac File Recovery software on Mac
  • Launch the software and select “Recover Files” option
  • Next, press “Recover Lost Files” option to get back lost files
  • Now, select the drive from which which file has to be recovered and click “Next”
  • After the scan, all recoverable files will be displayed in a Mac Finder Styled interface
  • In the end, select the required files and save them

Key Features of Remo File Recovery for Mac Tool-

  • Retrieves data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions / volumes
  • Recovers files which have been emptied from Trash folder
  • You can retrieve various file types based on their unique file extensions
  • Supports file recovery from other data storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire Drives, iPods etc.
  • You can use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the recovered results which can be resumed later
  • The files can be sorted based on their name, file size and type
  • You can evaluate and view the recovered results using “Preview” option
  • Save the recovered files to any desired storage location like CD/DVD, pen drive or to any external storage devices.

File Loss in Mac OS X EI Capitan – Scenarios

  • Accidental File Deletion – This may happen sometimes that while deleting some unwanted files you might have deleted the important files and end up with file loss
  • Unintentional Formatting – Formatting the volume without taking proper backup or choosing the wrong volume may result in data loss
  • Emptying Trash Folder – Sometimes without checking for the existence of important files you might have emptied the trash folder which leads to file loss
  • Interruption in File Transfer – While migrating the data from source to destination interruptions may occur which causes the data loss
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