Restore Lost Files from NTFS File System

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“Hi everyone, I have come across a very serious situation where I am not able to locate on of my partition (file system is NTFS). I had recently installed an application for which my system was not able to respond well, so I decided to uninstall the application but for my misfortune it refused to get uninstalled. But the next day when I accessed my computer I saw that one of my partition is lost from the hard drive. Thus, I am very much concerned about the data which is residing in the lost partition, so can anyone help me in getting rid of this situation.”

You might have lost the file system so in this kind of situation you have to make use of Remo Recover (Windows) which is considered as one of the best way to recover the files from the NTFS file system partition. For the above mentioned scenario there might be several reasons associated due to which you have lost the file system and some of the major reason are; the partition might have been corrupted by installation of malicious software, the registry of the computer have been corrupted by the virus, the accessed files might have been corrupted by virus which in turn corrupts the partition table. The above mentioned are some of the probable reason due to which your partition have been corrupted. But as of now no need to worry because by making use of Remo Recover (Windows) application you can efficiently recover all the data from the lost partition.

Astonishing features of Remo Recover (Windows)

  • Remo Recover is considered to be the most trusted application among many users because this application is built with strong algorithms due to which it can recover all your data within minutes
  • Apart from NTFS file system you can be able to perform file recovery from file system such as NTFS5, FAT16 and FAT32
  • It is capable of recovering files such as audio files, video files, archive files, all kind of documents, dll files and other 300 types of files
  • With the aid of this program you can proficiently recover all the lost data and have a look on the recovered data by using “Preview” option, this additional features help the users to check the capability of the product before even purchasing the product
  • By making use of this renowned application you can even restore partition after quick format
  • Provides you with more simple user interface using which even a novice user can easily complete the task
  • When you feel any inconvenience in using the utility then you can any time (24 / 7) take assistance from skillful technical support professionals  

Watch the below provided video in order to recover lost data from NTFS file system

Extra Info: There might be situation where the data becomes inaccessible due to bad sectors, however this kind of data can be easily recovered, thus in order to regain data from partition having bad sectors you can click on the link which is provided

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