How to recover partitions without losing data from NTFS?

Corrupted or deleted partition? Worried if you might lose data while trying to recover a formatted partition? Use Remo Recover to retrieve your lost partition. This tool is equipped with smart scan to verify for your lost files on the partition sector by sector. Data loss during recovery is no longer a concern now!!

Partition loss can be very exhausting, but before we discuss how to recover partition without losing data it is of paramount importance that we understand partition and different kinds of partitions.

Understanding Partitions and the different kinds of partitions:

A partition in a computer is the logical segregation of existing hard drive or SSD into multiple virtual drives. Each partition is created in order to comply with the corresponding file system.
Partitioning will help your computer to support multiple operating systems and change the device file format.
Depending on the operating system there can be a large number of partitions that can be supported. Some of the well known partition types are listed below:

Partition Type/File System Operating System Supported
NTFS Windows, OS X(all versions), MAC OS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave etc, also a few Linux OS
FAT16, FAT32 All the operating systems support this partitioning system.
HFS+, HFS Linux based systems and MAC

What are various causes that arise a need for partition recovery?

  • When you try to add a new volume with size greater than the existing partition.
  • When your existing partition is labeled as a RAW partition and it needs conversion.
  • When you enlarge a volume to a size beyond the available free space.
  • When you erase and re-partition a device.
  • When you accidentally delete the existing partition.
  • When you reformat a drive to another file system: NTFS to FAT or FAT to NTFS.

Your trump card to Recover partitions without losing data: REMO RECOVER

Is one of the above listed problems the main reason for your partition loss? Even if you don’t know the reason for your partition loss on the computer, you can leave it to Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is the composite single solution to all your partition related problems, with superior understanding of your storage spaces this tool can recover you deleted NTFS partitions, lost partitions, lost NTFS partitions, raw partition etc.

Remo Recover is a powerful software which is capable of data recovery from partitions on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 10 as well. This tool also restores data from lost or failed RAID arrays caused by corruption in the partition table that may lead to loss of all information regarding partitions and make the data in the drive inaccessible.

What features of Remo Recover make it an absolute solution for recovering partition?

  • Recover lost partitions even after reinstalling Windows Operating System
  • Retrieve partition data even after changing the format from FAT to NTFS
  • Restore data after corrupt partition or partially formatted partition without losing data
  • Recover lost NTFS partitions and custom search for desired file types
  • Restore NTFS partitions from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD or external USB drives
  • Supports recovery of deleted, lost, formatted or reformatted FAT and NTFS partitions
  • You can even compress save the recovered data from partitions to any accessible drives or on CD / DVD

NOTE: Try Remo Recover MAC for recovering partitions on your Apple Macintosh.

How to recover partition without losing data in 10 effortless steps

Step 1:Download and install the demo version of Remo Recover on the PC and connect the hard drive that lost partition.

Step 2: It is recommended to disconnect the hard drive that needs partition recovery and connect it either as a slave to your PC or use a USB casing to connect it to a USB port of your laptop or personal computer.

Step 3: Launch Remo recover to the see the main screen in Fig 1. and click "Recover Partitions / Drives" option.

Step 4: Then, select "Partition Recovery" option Fig 2to recover your lost NTFS partitions.

Step 5: Once you click "Partition Recovery" a new window pops up Fig 3, displaying all the attached physical hard drives.

Step 6: Select the drive from which you need to recover lost partition and click "Next", as shown in Fig 3.

Step 7: After thoroughly searching the hard drive as seen in the image Fig 5. Remo Recover displays a list of partitions Fig 4.Select the lost partition and click "Next".

Step 8: If you are searching for any unique file types you can specify them on this screen Fig 6

Step 9: Once you click on "Skip" or "Next" option, a new window appears which displays the recovered data Fig 7.

Step 10: use “Save Recovery Session” option Fig 8, which allows you to save the scanned information which can be used later to avoid an unnecessary rescan. Later use Open Recovery SessionFig 9 and open the saved session file and start the loading process Fig 10.

Note: Avoid downloading and installing Remo Recover or any other software on the hard disk where you have lost partitions as it may overwrite the data that's lost. This will result in permanent data loss.

More Partition loss scenarios and Useful links:

Deleted Partition Recovery
While using a disk management tool we may end up selecting and deleting the wrong partition. There can be several reasons for accidental deletion of a partition. If you have lost your data due to a partition deletion then click on the above link.

Recover Data from Corrupt NTFS Partition
Partition corruption is a rare, do not use repair utility to fix the partition, this may further overwrite the data you wish to recover. It is recommended to recover data from that partition instead of repairing it. Follow this page and explore what happens when a partition is corrupted and click on the above link on how to recover data from such partition loss cases.

Recover Files after Format
When we want to clean up the drive to make it fresh, faster or remove viruses from it, we format it. Formatting drive will remove all old data and install new file system on the drive. You may end up formatting your hard drive, USB drive, memory card etc. If you lose your data after formatting and realize you lost important files, then Remo Recover is your solution to get them back.

Recover Files from a FAT32 Hard Drive
FAT32 is a file system for removable storage devices like, memory cards, external USB drives, iPod etc. Remo Recover is designed with precision to recover data from FAT and NTFS formatted file systems. This software allows you to recover data which is lost due to deletion or formatting or due to changing the format from FAT to NTFS or vice versa.

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