Restore Lost Volume from Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive for Mac

In life there are certain wonderful moments which you want to preserve forever. But you never know when disaster strikes and swipe away your datas. However if you have a record of saving HD movies in your Seagate Back Up Plus Desk Top Drive then your memories are well protected. You must also remember that since these are all electronic gadgets so any internal problem can lead to data loss. What if while viewing these files from the external hard drive, your Mac system shuts down all of a sudden. After you restart it you find that one of the volume of your hard drive is lost. No matter how hard you try, you wont be able to get the volume back. Does that mean you won't get back your data? And since you don,t have back will you have to accept the loss. The answer is a big no. With Mac Volume Recovery Application you can easily restore your lost volume.

The Backup Plus Desktop Drive for Mac is built on an advanced technology developed by Seagate. It is designed to automatically keep a backup of all your digital datas. So even if something happens to your Mac system you don’t have to worry about the data. With Backup Plus you can share potos on social media with just a click. Upgrading your system can also be easy as, Backup Plus comes with features to upgrade itself automatically. It has got a capacity of 2TB but you can expand the memory upto 4TB so that you get to save as much as you want.

Volumes can get lost from your hard disk due to a number of reasons. It may be human error or a technical defect.The good thing is that lost volumes can always be recovered. But for recovering that volume you need to download the Remo Recovery Software in your PC.

  • Connect the Seagate Back Up Plus Desk Top Drive
  • Install the software and click ‘Yes’
  • Now go to ‘ Recover Volumes/ Drives’
  • Select ‘Volume Recovery’ and click next
  • Now select a drive from where you need to recover the lost volume
  • After the scanning process is over it show a list of found volume
  • Select the volume and scan it further to restore your data

It is easy to restore lost volume provided you know how to go about.


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