Restore Lost PDF Files

Updated on May 29, 2020

Remo Recover software will retrieve lost or deleted PDF documents in no time!! Adobe PDF files stored on hard disks, USB drives, memory cards, or any other storage medium can be recovered without any hassles.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is used for representing a document file which includes text, graphics, and many other attributes. PDF file format has been evolving over the years and many people rely on it to create documents and share them. But there are times when PDF files get lost due to known or unknown reasons. Lost? How does that happen? – You may wonder because you think your documents are safe in the storage medium. But yes, you can lose Adobe PDF files due to inevitable circumstances:

The files may get lost due to increased bad sectors on the hard drive, while emptying Trash or due to other reasons as follows:

  • While transferring PDF documents from system to external storage devices or vice versa, interruptions like abrupt system shutdown or suddenly ejecting the storage device leads to PDF file loss
  • Accidentally formatting the drive in which PDF files are stored results in loss of the .pdf files
  • Using unreliable applications for any conversion or recovery process, operating system crash, etc.

Don’t think that the lost PDF documents are gone forever. They will reside on the hard drive itself, but can’t be accessed because the address of the PDF file will be erased. In such situation make use of Remo File Recovery software to restore lost .pdf files.

Remo Recover to Restore Lost PDF Documents:

Remo File Recovery tool quickly recovers lost or deleted PDF files from any storage device. PDF documents that were emptied from Recycle Bin / Trash or lost due to various other instances can be retrieved safely. Even password protected PDF files can be recovered on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Apart from Adobe PDF files, this utility allows you to retrieve Adobe InDesign files including other files like Word documents, presentation files, Spreadsheets, audio, video, images, and many more. Even accidentally deleted files can be recovered by this program. Furthermore, the program also helps to restore MS Visio files that are deleted or lost. It also gives you the option to add file signatures (file types) for files that are not present during the restoring process. The recovered files can be saved on any accessible drive like CD / DVD.

NOTE: Do not save retrieved files on the same storage device from which they have been recovered.

Procedure to Recover Lost PDF Document using Remo Recover:

  • Download the software by clicking on the Download Now button. Install it on PC or laptop
  • Launch the software and from the main screen select Recover Files option
  • Select the drive from home screen in which PDF file was lost and click on Scan to start scanning process
  • After recovery process is completed check if the desired PDF is recovered by double clicking the PDF file and then Save it

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Follow these tips to prevent PDF file loss:

  • Backup important PDF documents so that it can be restored during any unexpected circumstances
  • Do not improperly shut down system when PDF file is in use

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