Retrieve Missing Pictures from iPhoto Library

No matter how photos lost from iPhoto library, you can restore them back in few steps with Remo Recover Mac tool. Download the trial version of the software and start recovering photos.

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iPhoto library contains photos and related information which has been stored into a single package. You can backup, move or copy the iPhoto library easily using the Finder option in your Mac systems. Sometimes, while doing important operations like updating the Mac operating system to newer version or transferring the files to external storage devices, you may experience photo loss from iPhoto library.

Loss of huge collection of photos captured during adventurous trip or holiday vacation is unacceptable. You want them back at any cost as they portray the memorable moments of your life. You might be pondering on how to select the recovery tool which actually works efficiently to recover lost photos from iPhoto Library? Just go for Remo Recover Mac tool, an advanced and professional photo recovery utility which has been designed specifically to deal with multimedia file recovery in Mac systems (supports Mac OS X El Capitan). The advanced recovery mechanism of Remo Recover Mac software helps you to recover photos lost from iPhoto library in a fast and secure way.

Easy Way to Retrieve Lost Photos from iPhoto Library

Remo Mac Photo Recovery software deep scans the entire volume of Mac system where photo loss occurred and recover back photos easily. It can even recover songs, videos which has been deleted, lost or missing after formatting Mac drive. You can also restore data deleted using RM command, files emptied from trash by using Remo Recover Mac software.

It also supports data recovery from various storage devices like iPods, external hard drive, SD card, etc. Files from inaccessible or unmountable volumes can also be restored in just few clicks. The highly interactive and self-descriptive user interface of the software enables you to carry out the recovery process with ease.

You can able to view the recovered results in Mac finder styled interface. For better access, the recovered data can also be sorted based on their name, date and file format etc. Files can also be evaluated prior to restoration using “Preview” option. Various versions of Mac OS supported by Remo Recover are Mac OS X 10.5.x and above which includes Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite. It even restores files from latest Mac OS X version El Capitan in few clicks.

Photo Loss from iPhoto Library – Scenarios

  • iPhoto Library Corruption – Corrupted iPhoto library makes the application to crash or becomes inaccessible which results in photo loss
  • Synchronization Error – Photo loss may happen if any error occurs while trying to synchronize the iPhoto library between two Mac systems. Due to this error the photo may get deleted from both source and destination
  • Accidental Deletion – You might have tried to delete some unwanted files and while selecting many files for deletion, you might have selected an important folder which contain photos
  • Formatting – Formatting a drive without taking backup of pictures stored in it lead to file loss

Photos lost due to above said or similar reasons can be recovered back easily using Remo Mac Photo Recovery software. Demo version of the software can be downloaded by clicking on the green Download button and then install the software to restore lost photos.

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