Recover Photos from Sony DSC-HX20V/B Digital Camera

Losing your cherished photos can always be a nightmarish experience. And if your precious moments have been captured with a Sony DSC-HX20V/B Digital Camera, you would find it impossible to outlive the pain. If you haven’t been through such a hellish experience, better be prepared, for it is just waiting to happen. You may lose your photos to some technical glitch. You may lose it to lack of technical knowledge. Or you may even lose it to reasons not known to you. When caught in a situation like this, just remember — all isn’t lost yet. Your precious snaps are very much there – kicking and alive – waiting to be restored to its position of pride.

Capturing images with Sony DSC-HX20V/B Digital Camera is simply a matchless experience. While others may rave at your picture taking skills, you know for sure, that the secret lies in the camera’s 40x clear Image digital zoom and its instant razor sharp focus. Likewise, you owe the picture clarity and details, to the camera’s 18.2MP Exmor® R CMOS sensor.  The camera’s superior Photo Creativity effects, 3D sweep Panoramic Capabilities and Sweep Multi-Angle Mode must have brought the best out of you, and no wonder, the last thing you would ever want to lose is the images captured with your camera.

Losing .jpeg photo files from your Sony DSC-HX20V/B Camera may catch you unawares. If it isn’t accidental, it may happen out of the blue. Getting your camera connected to a virus infested computer can sound the death knell to your images. Again, the devil may lie within. If luck isn’t by your side, the file system in the camera’s Sandisk memory stick duo might go corrupt, taking all your image files with it. Or there might be a host of other reasons, like using a poor quality card, pulling out the Lexar SDHC or SDXC memory card while the camera is on, turning the camera off while the writing process is on, and using the camera with insufficient battery charge. Reasons may be aplenty. But the result is always the same – you end up losing your jpg photo files. But where do these lost images go? Can they disappear into thin air? Certainly not! In fact, the images are lying within the system. The file system has lost track of it and hence, is unable to identify it. 

All it takes to recover lost picture files from your Sony DSC-HX20V/B Digital Camera is a few simple clicks. Download the data recovery software onto your computer (Windows or Mac). Connect your camera to the computer and select it (Removable Storage Device) for scanning. Next, select the Recover Photos option to start the recovery process. Click on the Recover Lost Photo options and select the partition or physical drive from where you have lost the image files. Scan over; you get a list of lost photos. You can even preview the photos before you take a call on whether or not to restore it.

Being aware of the possibilities of losing photos can spare you many a trouble. Remember, you expose your photos to risk when you:

  • Take snaps with a low charged battery.
  • Pull out the memory card when the camera is on.
  • Switch off the camera when the data transfer is on.
  • Use the memory card in different devices or cameras.
  • Format the memory card accidentally.
  • Press the delete button accidentally.
  • Format the card in different devices.
  • Improper storage.


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