Recover Lost RAW Images from Sony MS A2GN Memory Stick Micro

Digital cameras come in different models and with unique features. The only thing common with all digital cameras is memory card. Every digital camera is built to use a partcular type of memory card. The health of a memory card depends on how you maintain it. One common mistakes which most people do with digital cameras is to ignore the low battery warning sent out by the camera. Unless you are lucky, ignoring this message can severely affect your memory card. Consider a situation, you return from an important educational tour with loads of photos and memories captured in it. Next day it`s your sister’s birthday and you forget to charge your batteries. You are helpless and just can't help using the camera. As expected, it suddenly turns off. When you recharge your batteries and try to have a preview of the images, you find them missing. Your excitement and happiness instantly turns into despair. How will you bring those pictures back? From where will you collect those rare images? Do not get emotional. There is a solution to this problem. You can use Data Recovery Software to restore all your lost images in just seconds.

The Sony MS A2GN Memory Stick Micro is a recommended storage device particularly for Sony gadgets. It can store music, photos and videos upto a capacity of 2GB. It is ideal for consloles like PSP go and some selected voice recorders. The media dimensions for this product are like 12.5 x 15 x 1.2mm with a weight of minimum 1g. The most reassuring feature arguably is a warranty period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

Recovering RAW images from the memory stick won`t take much of your time. Firstly the card should be scanned for the lost pictures. Once the scan gets over you can identify the photo files you would want to recover. Before that you just need to follow some simple steps.

  • Put the Sony MS A2GN Memory Stick Micro into a card reader and connect the reader to your system
  • Download and Install Remo Recover Software
  • Click ‘Recover Photos’ and go to the next page
  • Here out of the two options select ‘Recover Lost Photos’
  • Now select a storage device from where you want to restore the images
  • Click ‘next’ and after the scanning process gets over it will show you a list of files
  • Select the image files and save the recovery session.


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